Friday, December 14, 2007

Kimberly Miller Bares All - The Threads Begin to Unravel


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I want you CM. I want you bad.

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Happy Christmas Sam

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Happy New Year Sam


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Does anyone know when there is supposed to be another video, or if there is another website. By the way "Codemaster" we will find you and get you

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I have been watching this whole thing in silence and have watch it unfold slowly and creative( i found it on ARG)I guess it felt like the time to say something.
I think that you are talented,in your screenplay, directing and editing. I feel bad for this boy & his family, there are also alot of smart plp out there willing to help, that is admirable.. But its a turn on to see a man with such talent and artistic views. This could be an awesome movie but it also sounds like a movie that is releasing soon "untraceable". Well if you need help i know some people that are directors and so on that might be interested... ;)If you haven't gotten a proposel yet... Oh Yeah by the way if this is real is sick and cruel (taking into account there are many others like you; i know i study plp like you & they are all very interesting if i may add), but i guess that is my opinion and this is your game...

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Dear Sam,

Now I know your a kidnapping psycopathic murderer but do you understand that if I dont get a new video soon Im going to be forced to look elsewhere. You Sir by your actions are backing me into the vile position of considering lonelygirl15 or worse stll kate bloody modern!!!! Does your cruelty know no end??

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yay now Im happy


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1 y

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2 o

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3 u

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4 s

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5 u

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6 c

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7 k

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FUCCKING UPDATE THIS SHIT, it's boring -.- slow ARG=no players.


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OMFG HOW MUCH LONGER... like 2 months

no update

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