Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Response to Eric's Sister


Anonymous Trythink said...

Code master you want be funny? I dont think so.
You think this is scary movies?
I dont think so,
This ISN'T game and yours rules.
I think u not be an artist becouse artist is human for people and Eric Taylor is people.People doesnt be perfect.Do you remeber? I think you are very inteligent person and creative but thats is not humanity.People try gues this why you upload video with Eric Taylor...I think you are pet...becouse you can't be humanity for people!!Eric Taylor is people remeber this code master.
This is not game remember.You are not God.Eric Taylor will be live.
Remember this is not game,not yours...Time is future,future is life,life is brutal but on ending all die...Eric must life this is not his time about die.

I am from Poland sorry i medium can speak english but u understand me.
We are prision of life.(A)

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:31 AM  
Anonymous The Frozen Mask Just Smiles said...

You people are foolish if you assume you are playing by anything but his rules.

7:02 PM  
Anonymous Resorocker said...

was there any codes, or has the codemaster dissapearded

11:42 AM  
Blogger aalgee said...

give me the codes.

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the worst acting ever :)

2:28 PM  
Anonymous trythink said...

TheFrozenMask i know this is his rules but i think this is crazy how he can be a master second people ?? I dont understand this. He is artist??!! He is unhumanity,human monster.

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate you, yet I admire your work.
You have managed to cover your footsteps very well.
But someone will find you, not me.
But I will be there to watch.

5:51 PM  

Guys, this is for an ARG. ITS NOT REAL. as far as you know :)

4:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listen to the zom b

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zombie we know but people likes horrors :)

6:03 AM  
Blogger Gwen said...

At the very end, the diagram looks like a family tree to me.

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That thing at the end is called a pedigree, it is used to track genes through a family, to study genetics and heredity

2:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Deercot is starting phase two. He is playing some unseen games with a group of us. You can join in if you hurry !

Google - CF: The Human Pet

10:44 PM  
Anonymous kanojiri said...

that chart at the end is actually a pedigree chart used in anthropology to track a persons lineage. Squares are guys and circles are girls. the lines represent siblings and marriages. I dunno the question marks.

It seems that hes killing off all the men associated with a family.

i couldn't translate the code on the chart just yet, but the code before that was "I didn't start this, but i will end it."

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The code with the pedigree chart says figure out this puzzle.

7:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous SoSofranik said...

Wuz Up Dawg cut him up and feed him to his family for thanksgiving dinner. I'll have some if you would please. Tell his sister i wana get her but i ain't looken.if he did you wrong piss on him and his. stuiped bradey bunch family.He didn't think about his actions and thats his bad. I believe this is bull crap. But if you really got him KiLL him!!!!!!!!!

2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out this new interactive online drama, created by students at the University of Bristol Drama Department.

Follow the office antics of seven unsuspecting workers... and have your say in who gets fired!


7:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I can say is learn English, no offense intended, just might be better for everybody

6:50 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

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12:08 AM  
Blogger Dan said...

I think the acting is just okay, not that superb.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A new round of speculation erupted this week that the San Diego Chargers are negotiating a move to Los Angeles.
The Orange County Register reported Thursday that the Chargers were among five teams in talks with Anschutz Entertainment Group as part of AEG's plan to build a stadium in downtown L.A. The newspaper quoted AEG President Tim Leiweke, who said the company is looking to sweeten the pot by paying any penalty a team might incur for breaking its stadium lease.
Chargers spokesman Mark Fabiani promptly reiterated previous statements that the team is focused on finding a stadium site in San Diego County to replace Qualcomm Stadium.
"The Chargers are not pursuing any stadium options in downtown Los Angeles," Fabiani said. "Our focus remains where it has been for the last nine years: finding a publicly acceptable solution somewhere here in the San Diego region, with a particular focus at this time on the downtown San Diego combination stadium-convention center site."
Leiweke said AEG has spoken with the Chargers, Oakland Raiders, Minnesota Vikings, St. Louis Rams and the Jacksonville Jaguars about moving to the City of Angels, giving higher priority to the first three teams mentioned.
Fabiani confirmed that team executives have spoken with AEG officials, but said the L.A. stadium project wasn't discussed.
"The Chargers have emphasized publicly since the start of 2010 that we have a longstanding business relationship with AEG and Tim Leiweke ---- the team has retained AEG to help sell its premium products in Los Angeles and Orange Counties," Fabiani said. "As a result, we speak with both AEG executives and Tim regularly, and we are certainly well aware of what they are trying to accomplish in downtown Los Angeles."
Leiweke used the $24 million penalty in an exit clause of the Chargers' lease of Qualcomm Stadium as an example of what AEG would do to grease the wheels of an NFL team relocation.
Leiweke also stated that AEG owner Phil Anschutz was looking to purchase a majority stake in an NFL team, an option Fabiani insists is not available with the Chargers.
The Spanos family hired Goldman Sachs to sell part of team owner Alex Spanos' stake ---- a minority share ---- in the team, but that effort has been halted because of an extension of tax cuts that limit the demand of estate taxes.
Even when the stake was for sale, the Spanos family said it wouldn't cede control of their NFL franchise.
"The Spanos family has never contemplated ---- and will not contemplate ----- selling a majority stake in the team," Fabiani said. "So if AEG is seeking a majority stake in a team, it would probably be best for AEG to cross the Chargers off its wish list."
Majority control also appears unlikely with the Raiders after CEO Amy Trask said Friday that the Raiders' controlling interest would stay in the Davis family.
Meanwhile, the Vikings have made progress in their stadium efforts in recent months and have stated a desire to stay put.
The teams Leiweke mentioned have all requested a new stadium or professed financial hardship in their markets, with varying levels of success.
The Chargers fall into that category, having spent most of a decade trying to replace Qualcomm Stadium, one of the league's oldest venues. The Chargers have steadfastly said that they want to stay in San Diego until all available options have been explored.
AEG's $1 billion plan for a 72,000-seat stadium on part of the city's convention center campus is one of two competing proposals that aim to bring pro football back to Los Angeles, 15 years after the Rams and Raiders left the nation's second-largest market within months of one another.
Warehouse magnate Ed Roski has permits in place to build a separate 75,000-seat stadium about 15 miles east of Los Angeles in the City of Industry, but has also not secured a team.

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Big 12 dumped its embattled commissioner Thursday and said nine schools had pledged to give their TV rights to the conference for the next six years, a step intended to preserve a fractured league that has lost two members in the past year and expects to lose another by next summer.
"The bottom line is we achieved substantial reforms," Oklahoma President David Boren said after school presidents met by telephone for more than an hour. "We feel extremely good."
No contracts had been signed yet in part because some schools must get the approval of their governing boards, league spokesman Bob Burda said.
It ultimately approved, schools that leave the Big 12 during the contract would leave their TV rights -- and millions of dollars -- behind in a blow much more punishing than a typical exit fee.
There are signs that the league has a lot of healing to do.
Oklahoma, which was trying to leave the Big 12 just a few days ago, and Missouri, which wanted to leave for the Big Ten in 2010, staged competing news conferences to start spreading the new message of goodwill and stability in the Big 12.
And Texas officials, often portrayed as the Big 12 bullies, chose not to say anything at all. Still not addressed was whether the Big 12 wants to do something about Texas' lucrative Longhorn Network agreement with ESPN that casts an ominous shadow over the rest of the league.
Commissioner Dan Beebe is gone after five up-and-down years that included securing a 13-year, $1.2 billion contract with Fox Sports but sharp criticism for failing to keep Nebraska (Big Ten) and Colorado (Pac-12) from leaving over the summer. Texas A&M plans to leave by July for the Southeastern Conference.
Former Big Eight Commissioner Chuck Neinas will serve as interim commissioner. Boren said Neinas will not be a candidate to take the job permanently.
Revenue sharing and a change of leadership were considered by some schools, notably Oklahoma, as the top issues to address to save the league in the latest round of conference realignment.
The Big 12 splits revenue from its Fox Sports contract evenly, but only half of the money from its top-tier deal with ABC goes into equal shares. The rest is weighted toward the programs that play on the network more frequently.
Boren said all nine remaining schools -- all those except for Texas A&M -- "agreed" to give a six-year grant of their first- and second-tier television rights to the Big 12. That means that all revenue from the top television games -- shown currently on networks owned by ABC/ESPN and Fox -- would continue to go to the Big 12 even if a school bolts to another league.
The six-year term runs past the next negotiating period for the top-tier contract, currently with ABC/ESPN, in a bid to keep the nine schools together for the next contract.
"These are very strong handcuffs," Boren said. "The grant of rights really does bind the conference together and it shows that we fully intend to stay together.
"If you wanted to talk about one important action that really does demonstrate that this conference is going to be stable, that we're not going to have year-to-year dramas like we have had, I think that grant of rights is a very essential item," he said.
Texas Tech President Guy Bailey agreed.

5:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Not everybody in the past has been willing to do that," Bailey said.
Texas has proposed equal revenue sharing of top-level television rights but also said it won't make changes to its controversial 20-year, $300 million contract with ESPN for the Longhorn Network.
Boren said any changes to the Longhorn Network would have to be considered by a special panel to be appointed by Big 12 board chairman Brady Deaton, Missouri's chancellor. Boren said that panel would likely be chosen by Friday.
Texas officials were not available for comment Thursday night.
The conference call came after a whirlwind month when the league appeared -- again -- to be on the verge of breaking apart.
The league nearly split when Nebraska and Colorado left. The Big 12 appeared to be set as a 10-team league until Texas A&M announced earlier this month it will leave in 2012 to seek membership in the Southeastern Conference.
That started a new round of maneuvering and Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech all were considering a potential move to the Pac-12 until it announced Tuesday that it would not expand.
The 54-year-old Beebe became an easy target for schools upset about instability in the league.
"I have no negative personal feelings toward our previous commissioner, but I'm alarmed by the fact that in 15 months we lost three teams and I'm aware in detail in how of some of those situations played out," Boren said. "I don't feel it was inevitable that we lost those three teams."
Critics portrayed Beebe as constantly being outmaneuvered by other league commissioners who were picking off his teams one by one and as someone beholden to Texas, the Big 12's biggest and wealthiest member.
Last fall, Beebe was granted a three-year extension
on his contract through 2015. When the extension was announced, Deaton said Beebe had been "an outstanding leader" during challenging times.
Now, he's gone.
"I put all my effort into doing what was best for the Big 12. With great fondness, I wish the Big 12 Conference a long and prosperous future," Beebe said in a statement released by the Big 12.
That future includes finding a replacement for Texas A&M. Boren said an expansion committee within the Big 12 had been restarted, but offered no timeline.
Texas has said it wants the Big 12 to stay at 10 teams. Others may want to go back to 12.
As for the Aggies?
"I think that it's highly likely that they will go to the SEC," Boren said. "They're so far down the line, I think, with the SEC that I don't think they are likely to change their mind."
Texas A&M's president, R. Bowen Loftin, participated in the call as a voting member but Boren said "no one should take that as a signal that they have changed their minds." Boren said the other nine members did nothing to remove the threat of legal action that has kept A&M's departure from being finalized.
Texas A&M spokesman Jason Cook said the school is not sticking around.
"Another key to the (Big 12's) stability will be for the league to assist Texas A&M with our departure. The events of this week were positive in that regard," Cook said.

5:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

James Harvey, and his admins (especially Birdboy the hypocrite)are nazi ass cunts who corruptly abuse their power and are dumb as shit. If I actually gave more of a shit I might try to set them straight, but arguing against a mass of stupidity that big is like trying to defend the beach from the tide.

Stupid people exist everywhere on the internet, there's no small number of them here on blogspot, but what really gets me is that those flaming retards pretend to like animation when they clearly have no respect for the people in the business. Idiots I can argue with, but hypocrites and the willfully ignorant (such as James Harvey) will only drive people like me to frustration.

So fuck toonzone, and fuck those insipid cocksuckers who keeps posting their inane opinions as though they are self evident. And I wish James Harvey and Birdboy the Terry Schivano curse for 50 years! Because if anybody deserves Terry Schivano, its those two cunts! Those two will have their Schivanos very soon...

post by: Julietorrentino of Youtube

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SUNRISE — National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman made his annual visit to BankAtlantic Center Friday night during the Florida Panthers’ game with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Bettman spoke on a variety of current issues during the first intermission. Topics spanned the first-place Panthers’ success to the NHL Players Association’s disagreement with divisional realignment to rampant injuries throughout the league, plus other points.

Q: What are you hearing about the Panthers from around the league?

A: I think it’s clear people are excited for the fans down here and for the organization. It’s nice to see the team so competitive. It’s not about my expectations. It’s about the expectations of (owner) Cliff Viner and (general manager) Dale Tallon. They’re clearly focused on building this team the right way. You see the preliminary results, to say the least.

Q: Describe your disappointment with the union not endorsing realignment. Do you like the proposed divisional format?

A: In the final analysis, we decided it was better not to have a confrontation (with the union) and we’ll deal with it down the road. First and foremost was getting teams better aligned geographically and to deal with the issues Columbus, Detroit, Dallas, Minnesota and Winnipeg have. And we wanted every team to play a home-and-home against every team. We want every team in every team’s building.

Q: Are injuries, not just concussions, up in the league this year?

A: I don’t think so. We’re much more proactive in treating and diagnosing injuries, particularly concussions, than ever before. As you see from the numbers, we’re more aggressively reporting concussions than ever before. Part of that is changing the culture. We want players who have concussions to feel comfortable in telling their clubs and getting treatment and rest.”

Q: Is there any chance the Panthers could host a Winter Classic at the Florida Marlins’ new ballpark?

A: “We would have to take a look at it, but I assumed water still freezes down here at 32 degrees. We did it in Las Vegas in an exhibition game, but what’s important is that the game’s conditions stay competitive. Ultimately, we have to get everyone to participate, even if it’s a road game.”

Q: Is an All-Star Game here more realistic?

A: “We’ve had a game here (in 2003), but there’s a long list of clubs who want one who haven’t had one as recently as South Florida has. But obviously we don’t hesitate to have our big events here. We’ve had the draft and an All-Star Game here.”

5:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are some cheat codes I found on the game Black & Bruised from some site runned by an illiterate retard.

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1 Don't use with One Hit Kill on P1.
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5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Five things to know about Rams owner Stan Kroenke and his decision to play a home game in London in 2012, 2013 and 2014:

1. New Rams head coach Jeff Fisher doesn't think the Rams are moving from St. Louis. "It was not a concern of mine," Fisher said of the relocation rumors, which came up in his negotiations with the Rams. "It was certainly discussed. Logically speaking you have to assume we're going to discuss everything during the process. I did.

"And I was put completely at ease by Mr. Kroenke, OK? He reassured me they're going to do everything possible (to stay in St. Louis). We're talking about our immediate future here now and winning as quickly as we can. That's not going to be a distraction for anybody. My gut feel, and my hope, is that they get things worked out, because this is the place where this team needs to be."

2. Los Angeles is still the biggest threat to the Rams. Not London. Yes, the NFL would like to place a team in London at some point. And we'd have to be idiots to rule out London as a potential home for the Rams. But I don't think the NFL will be ready to go full-bore to London by 2015; that's when Kroenke would be free to move his team. Besides, Kroenke doesn't need to move the Rams to London to benefit from having a presence there. I'm told Kroenke has no desire to own an NFL team in London because it would be a logistical mess and an impediment to winning.

By having an alliance with London in the form of an annual game there, Kroenke can strengthen his profile and expand his base in England. He already owns Arsenal of the Premier League; the Gunners are based in North London. And if Kroenke can make the Rams "London's team" without making London a permanent home, he can have the best of both worlds. He can make money in Rams-related deals in sponsorships and media rights, and gain popularity in his role as the generous American who's sharing his NFL team with his new friends and business associates across the pond. And Kroenke gets to pull this off without dealing with the inevitable headaches that comes with having a full-time London-based NFL team.

If you want to add a dash of paranoia to the LA theory, the ingredients are on the shelf. Kroenke's London deal runs for three years, which coincides with the time he has remaining in his STL lease agreement. Kroenke could have signed on to play "home" games in London in 2015, 2016 and beyond. But that would mean taking a "home" game away from LA should the Rams relocate to SoCal. No, three years is perfect. Isn't that right, Oliver Stone?

3. A run of horrendous football has the Rams straining to maintain an enthusiastic fan base here. (I'm pretty sure we'd see a lot of empty seats pop up in most NFL cities if the local team lost 65 of its last 80 games.) The game in London is an automatic sellout and a juicy profit for Kroenke. And his staff only has to worry about finding a way to sell out seven regular-season home games in St. Louis. This is the reason the small-market Buffalo Bills play an annual regular-season game in Toronto. The city of Toronto doesn't want to snatch the Bills from Buffalo; it just wants to share. Kroenke wants to share, too. With London.

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

4. Kroenke's decision to take away three of his team's next 24 regular-season home games will undoubtedly alienate some fans and make it more difficult to sell tickets. (Let's see: making these folks pay for meaningless preseason games as part of the season-ticket package, but taking the attractive New England game out of the season-ticket package? Gee, why would anyone be upset with that?)

Perhaps Kroenke wants to drive fans away to eventually justify a move. Yes, Kroenke just improved his team's prospects for success by spending big money to hire Fisher. But a stronger Rams team will only make the franchise more appealing to cities that court Kroenke.

5. Say this for Kroenke: He isn't being a phony like, say, Albert Pujols. When prodded to proclaim his loyalty to St. Louis, Kroenke simply refuses to make a pledge that he may not keep. He won't tell fans what they want to hear. It's Kroenke's team, and he will do whatever is best for Kroenke. And he's made that perfectly clear now; no one should be confused.

It's up to St. Louis and area leaders to determine what can be done to enhance the Edward Jones Dome and get Kroenke's signature on a lease extension. Kroenke may be a cold-hearted businessman. But at least Kroenke is straightforward in his motives. He has no interest in playing the slick and often deceptive public-relations game. He makes no apologies for keeping his options open.

Reading Time, three minutes:

We were saddened by the passing of Jerry Clinton, a great St. Louisan who was always there for any charity, any friend or any stranger who needed his help. He played the leading role in putting St. Louis in position to return to the NFL. I prefer to remember all of the other ways that Clinton enhanced this community — most notably his crusade to raise money for families of fallen police officers and firefighters. There is simply no way to adequately quantify or appreciate Clinton's tremendous value to his hometown. He was a St. Louis original. He cannot be replaced.

Exciting times for St. Louisan Tim Ream. The terrific young U.S. national team defender, 24, is preparing to join Bolton of the English Premier League after the club reportedly agreed to pay the MLS New York Red Bulls $3.5 million for transfer of his contract. Ream is in England, trying to finalize his work permit. Ream recently married his college sweetheart, Kristen Sapienza, who also played soccer at St. Louis U. The newlyweds postponed their honeymoon in Tahiti to get situated with Bolton.

The Blues are on a roll, and it's been a great show. It's fun to see this team mature and emerge as a contender. But do the Blues need to score more goals to have a realistic shot at playing for the Stanley Cup? The answer: yes, if recent history means anything. The Blues are averaging 2.52 goals a game, which ranks 20th in the NHL. We have to go back to 2004 to find a team that advanced to the championship round while scoring fewer goals. That's Calgary, which averaged 2.44 goals in 2003-2004 before losing to Tampa Bay in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Belated congrats to Blues PA announcer Tom Calhoun, who is marking his 25th year with the Blues this season. And tonight's contest vs. Buffalo will be Calhoun's 1,128th consecutive home game behind the microphone. ... How good are the Blues' broadcasts on Fox Sports Midwest? When the NBC Sports Network televised Monday's Dallas-Blues game from Scottrade, NBC hired FSN Midwest's Phil Mollica (director) and Tim Pabst (producer) to present the broadcast. It's rare for a national network to put locals in charge of a broadcast.

Kudos to catcher Larry "Goose" Goessling and first baseman Steve Hacker, two local Missouri State baseball alums who will be inducted into the university's athletics Hall of Fame on Jan. 28 in Springfield. ... Good news for St. Louisan William Inge: He's been hired by the Buffalo Bills as a defensive line coach. Inge is a Kirkwood HS grad.

9:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig has raised the possibility of the Oakland A's relocating from the Bay Area. He says though, the decision lies in the hands of the team's owner Lew Wolff.

Selig's comments came Thursday following a scheduled owners' meeting.

Oakland has long sought to move the team to San Jose where they would build a new stadium. However, the San Francisco Giants have prevented Oakland from constructing a ballpark in San Jose because it is part of the Giants' territory.

Both teams have been in a conflict over this issue and both have valid arguments. The Giants claim that they have invested millions of dollars in marketing throughout Santa Clara County. The A's believe that a new stadium in San Jose would increase their revenue and relieve them of the need of revenue sharing.

Oakland used to own the territorial rights to San Jose. In 1989, they ceded them to the Giants when the owners were trying to relocate the team.

Selig stated that it is up to Wolff to decide to look for and consider other sites to build a new ballpark. However, a move outside of the Oakland area would require MLB approval. Selig left open the possibility of approval depending on where the A's move.

"It depends where they'd be. They could be all over the world, for that matter," Selig said. "They need approval. We have to go through an approval process. It just depends on where they're moving to."

Historically, MLB has been reluctant to grant teams the right to relocate. The Montreal Expos moved to Washington, D.C. and became the Nationals for the 2005 season, it was the first move of any Major League Baseball team since 1972, when the Washington Senators became the Texas Rangers

If the team is unable to find a new stadium in the Oakland area the owners may be forced to sell the team. According to Bill Madden of the New York Daily News, a baseball official told him ""The A's and Rays are both in hopeless situations, and there's no place to move these teams. Hard as this might be to swallow for a lot of us, it would be in the best interests of baseball to contract both of them. You'd have a better game, and it would be two less teams we all have to subsidize."

Since 1989, Twenty three teams have opened new stadiums. The A's and Rays are the only two teams still seeking a new stadium.

In additional news, Major League Baseball had another announcement to make at the owners' meeting. The one-game wild-card playoff, introduced for the first time this year, will be televised Oct. 5 by TBS. Additionally, two division series games will shift from TBS to the MLB Network.

Owners also approved a 2-3 playoff format in the division series instead of 2-2-1. Teams with home-field advantage will host the final three games of the series. The change is a result of the wild-card round being added after schedules were set with the regular season ending Oct. 3 and the World Series starting Oct. 24.

7:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nurumayudangan of Youtube says:
August 13th, 2012 at 11:33 pm

Watching tonight’s game, I wonder if Jon and Duane were forced to shill NBC’s garbage coverage of the olympics and defend their retarded decision not to broadcast the olympics live on their cable networks with encore presentations on the NBC affiliates later that night? Let’s hope so…for their sake. It’s bulldung like that, that makes me wish that Rupert FREAKIN Murdoch and his people still owned the Sportschannel! NBC/Comcast are runned by complete drug addicts and mark my words, their merger is gonna be the next AOL/Time Warner %100 guaranteed!

“House Rules


* Show some respect for each other and the people you’re writing about.
* Find a way to disagree without being disagreeable.
* Get your facts straight. And remember the difference between fact and opinion.


* Resort to name calling.
* Use profanity — even with letters missing, or the offending word hidden inside an acronym.
* Engage in personal attacks.
* Bait each other.
* Relentlessly hammer home the same point over and over and over.”

Hmmm….I would say it should look something more like this:

House Rules


* Stop being complete hypocrites and follow your own rules for once!
* Stop being complete hypocrites and follow your own rules for once!
* Stop being complete hypocrites and follow your own rules for once!


* Leave the comments turned on if you can’t take anybody’s BS. There’s something called an off switch to turn off the ability to post comments, USE IT or suck it up and take your criticisms like a man for once!
* Leave the comments turned on if you can’t take anybody’s BS. There’s something called an off switch to turn off the ability to post comments, USE IT or suck it up and take your criticisms like a man for once!
* Leave the comments turned on if you can’t take anybody’s BS. There’s something called an off switch to turn off the ability to post comments, USE IT or suck it up and take your criticisms like a man for once!
* Leave the comments turned on if you can’t take anybody’s BS. There’s something called an off switch to turn off the ability to post comments, USE IT or suck it up and take your criticisms like a man for once!
* Leave the comments turned on if you can’t take anybody’s BS. There’s something called an off switch to turn off the ability to post comments, USE IT or suck it up and take your criticisms like a man for once!

There, much better!

Back on topic: Pablo Sandoval is gonna take his vengeance against everybody and everything that put him out of action in the first place! And it will not be for the weak of heart!

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More fuck yous to the cunts below!

Fuck you Tr-Ryche Corporation
Fuck you WMG
Fuck you SME
Fuck you UMG
Fuck you again EMI
Fuck you AdRev for a 3rd Party
Fuck you BMG_Rights_Management
MEGA Fuck you to The Harry Fox Agency again
Fuck you Inc. (HFA)
Fuck you UMPG Publishing
Fuck you Web Sheriff

See you Bin Laden worshipers in the crappy hell where you belong!

post by: Julietorrentino of Youtube

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Badoink really sucks. Not only is the selection grade B/C but the clips are only 5 minutes long. And thinking that I had a $1 day trial, I signed up. But they slammed me for $38 month without letting me know. When I tried to cancel my one-day trial, they did not want to acknowledge it. After I confronted them re the $38 they spammed me with porno email. I contested this with my CC and won.


post by: Julietorrentino of Youtube

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NOTE: Since the Toronto Sun are runned by complete retards, I am forced to respond to a couple of posters from another article that's been shut down here instead.


"Quebec City is a better fit."

Sure it is, unfortunately politics will prevent Quebec from getting the Coyotes, after all we wouldn't want to upset NBC now do we? Sadly for Quebec, they will probably end up with an expansion team despite many financially strapped franchises of course.


Not gonna happen. The two biggest markets are far apart and have a population count similar to Green Bay, Wisconsin. Saskatoon and Regina are gonna need more immigrants in order to increase their population so they can support 41 dates a season.

"A team in Portland would be a slap in the face to Canada."

You are a slap in the face to your parents tommydouglas!

@Tom Kennedy

"Bogus story. In the Fox story NOWHERE does it say he might buy the team and move them to Portland. Nothing like that was in the Fox story. Completly bogus story by the reporter."

You (and Joyce Clark) are hands down the biggest total disgraces to us TRUE Phoenix Coyote fans everywhere! While people like me work hard to try and get more freeways built, find investors willing to commit, and trying my damndest to help people get to the games on a weeknight, you, Clark and plenty of others like you two scumbags do absolutely NOTHING to help the Coyotes like I've been doing for years, but instead argue amongst those who wants to see the Coyotes relocated rather than IGNORING THEM like the completely brain dead retards that you are! If the Coyotes leave, it will be ALL YOUR FAULT for wasting time with the anti-Coyote fans instead of doing things like helping Jerry Moyes when he was losing 30 million a year! At this point I'm so exhausted and strained from putting up with this garbage, that if this really is the end of the Coyotes, I will wish them the best of luck in their new home. And I will also be wishing for you, Joyce Clark and the rest of you disgraceful Coyote fans a fate worse than Terry Schivao, because you people are the ones who drove the Coyotes out of town!

On topic: Maybe LeBron should buy the Coyotes and see if he can make it work down there!

10:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Joyce, looks like this is it. Unless you and your people can persuade the current council that you lost to last November to give out those large subsidies, not to mention finding more investors with tons of money to burn, well you got the idea.

There's a reason why the citizens of Glendale voted you and the others out last November:

You failed. You and the Scruggs regime failed miserably.

You failed to help Jerry Moyes with his financial problems, and before you say "he was a bad owner he should have done better", I say him being a bad owner is reason enough to give this guy all the help he needs, such as advertising a lot and finding more investors to ease Moyes's pain.

Also, Moyes has no jurisdiction whatsoever in building the things that your city needed:

Freeways and Expressways leading into the other Phoenix market cities. You forget, most of the Coyote fans live in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Mesa who don't want to drive on puny streets like Glendale Avenue with all that traffic on a weeknight after getting off from a hard day's of work. And while I think those citizens are totally pathetic to let a weeknight traffic jam stop them from going to Coyotes Boulevard, I will also say, that if more 101 Freeways and San Thomas Expressways will get them to shut up and go to the game, then so be it. You and the rest of the Scruggs regime failed to build more streets to the other cities and that's something that can't be pinned on Moyes.

If the Coyotes leave, you and the rest of the Scruggs regime have no one to blame but yourselves.

But here's some good news that oughta cheer you up choice:

Never mind the fact that the board could still vote against the recommendation, not to mention that the Maloofs can't be forced to sell to anyone they don't want to sell to and instead still try to screw Sacramento by selling to other outsiders like Larry Ellison. To that I say this:

Who cares?

The Kings are staying in Sacramento and Seattle still has that "NBA first" mentality equals no Phoenix Coyotes to Seattle!

Of course, now you must fight of my boys from Quebec City, and good luck with that. Granted that Quebec would be forced to play in the Western Conferences Central division (swapping with Colorado of course), but my boy Pierre is a MAN and if Jim McCrane can accept having his Houston Astros in the AL West like a MAN, then Pierre will have no problem being the 1967-2002 Atlanta Falcons of hockey.

The people of Quebec thank you Joyce for the hockey team you and the Scruggs regime have bestowed upon them. See you this fall in Quebec.

Note to poster above: You failed, get over it!

5:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

firewatcher1, your words are wise. Unfortunately, the Maloofs HATE Sacramento so much that they'll find another way to screw them, like selling to another outsider with a lot of money like Larry Ellison (Warriors territorial rights be damned!) for example. Remember, if the Maloofs gave squat about Sacramento, a deal would have been made MONTHS ago. Until you figure out a way to eliminate the Maloofs, this nightmare will continue!

As for Seattle, thank goodness they are not getting the Kings, if that happened, that would guarantee that Quebec City will not get the Coyotes! That is unacceptable! The Coyotes must go to Quebec! And if keeping the Kings in Sacramento is what it takes to get the Coyotes to Quebec, so be it!

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who won?

Let's examine that.

Tomorrow morning when everyone wakes up, the Maloofs will still be the owners of the Kings.

In 2 weeks when the league makes it official, there will be NO official sales agreement between the Maloofs and the "Sacramento Whales".

In 2 years when the Maloofs are still holding onto the team and sucking up more money from their fellow NBA owners, there still won't be a new arena in Sacramento.

In 5 years from now, Sacramento will still have a crap team, with crap owners, in a crap arena.

Congratulations on your win Sacramento.


9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Sacramento Kings need to change their names officially to the Sacramento Welfare Queens.

Quite frankly, I think I might enjoy the real headaches that Sacramento is about to have when the Maloofs extend their middle finger to Sacramento and ask "Where is our arena you said you were going to build?"

Can't wait to see what the NBA does when the Maloofs cut player payroll and stick there hands out for that revenue sharing check from the league?

Sacramento stepped in a pile, they better just enjoy the smell.

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, today's decision is only the culmination of 12 votes (by the finance and relocation committee) to make a recommendation for the real vote (on relocation only), which takes place several days from now and will involve all 30 owners. If Hansen and Ballmer can sway 16 of the other owners to see things our way (the Maloofs get a vote too!), then the team can still be relocated.

That's a very unlikely scenario, one that would require HBN finding a way to sway half of the F & R Committee members that voted today. It could happen, but it isn't likely. All you need is a simple majority vote to win relocation.

Theoretically, Seattle loses if the unanimous -12 vote is any indication. But what if only two of the remaining 18 owners favors Sacramento and/or, upon closer look at the Sacramento plan, some owners change their votes from today?

This is so unlikely.

Then there's the sale, which hasn't been voted on. It could be rejected, or it could be approved. Would Sacramento want HBN to pull a Satan Bennett and own the team for a year, demand a $500-600M arena with no contribution from HBN, and then re-file for relocation in a year?

Worse yet, what if the Maloofs decide to hold onto the team?

My guess is that the Sacramento deal is going to fall apart anyways. The group down there is clearly having financial issues, a bevy of lawsuits is coming, and the sacramento group still needs 25 parcels of land on which yo build. Sacramento has problems man, and if the group there doesn't deposit the money by Friday (as mandated by the NBA), those vote changes I discussed above might indeed occur. Sacramento is not out of the woods yet.

Nevertheless, I congratulate Sacramento for fighting the way they have.

The NBA BoG is making a mistake if it doesn't expand into Seattle right now.

In the meantime, we will enjoy going to the Super Bowl next year, knocking off both SF and ATL in the process.


9:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@local lady:

You seem to be under the mistaken belief that the sale has been denied. You are wrong! The sale has not been voted upon, and this "sibject to approval" rule you are talking about has no teeth.

First, the NBA rubber-stamps sales; only when a group is not as wealthy as claimed has a sale been denied. This has happened once to my recollection: Minnesota Tomberwolves sale.

My question to you is whether you think HBN do not have the money they claim to have.

The NBA is going to have a very hard time justifying the denial of the sale.

Secondly, the NBA's operations could come under a microscope for the exact reason you cite. The idea that the league could potentially deny a sale for anything other than financial reasons (as would necessarily be the case here), reeks of antitrust.

A decent antitrust lawyer can make the case that the NBA is not only interfering in business relationships but creating restrictions on competition and artificially controlling franchise values. This little vote creates the appearance that the league used Seattle to artigicially inflate the values of the franchises in order to increase profits for the other owners and the league executives - including David Stern.

Unless HBN withdraws under a back room settlement or for other reasons, the NBA could be in hot water with the Maloofs. They can rein havoc in the courtroom.

The sale to Hansen could be approved, then Hansen could demand from Ranadive and the other members of the Sacramento group an additional $125M on yop of ghe sale price, in order to recoup his losses.

Steve Ballmer is thoroughly pissed, and the last thing David Stern needs right now is to have a man like Ballmer pissed at him.

Still...congratulations and good luck. You won today, but the story isn't finished by a long shot.


9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Headline in the Sacramento Bee:

"Mayor cautions Kings fans: Don't 'dance in the end zone' yet "

That's right, Kevin Johnson realizes that this isn't over for you Sac fans. Quite the opposite, you are now back to being stuck with the Maloofs until further notice.

"But he said pivotal work remains, most notably convincing the Maloof family to sell the team to a group seeking to keep the franchise here....Johnson said the Sacramento group - led by Silicon Valley software executive Vivek Ranadive - would speak with NBA officials in the coming days, but that he was unclear how the process of negotiating a deal with the Maloofs would play out."

So it's groundhog day in Sacramento once again, trying to convince the Maloofs to sell to a group that prevented them from doing what they wanted to do.

How did that work out for Sacramento last time?

Oh boy, Sacramento thinks they have won but when the Maloofs are your prize, know how that works out better than we do.


9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Just give a few more days for Hansen to withdraw his bid following the tremendous outpouring of local support."

The only way Hansen withdraws his bid is if the NBA gives him assurances he will have an expansion team.

He would be waiving any and all leverage he has if he withdraws his bid. He is forcing the NBA to vote to end his bid so he can use that against them.


9:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why did the combined Finance and Relocation committee's vote to block the relocation to a more profitable market...

...because they will put a team in that market another way.

I think what this comes down to is that the NBA wants to force the Maloofs out so Sacramento will send that big chunk of public subsidy there way.

The wild card is the Maloofs and whether they will even sell to the Sac group. I wonder if the Ranadive group is going to get the same treatment Burkle got.


9:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You people cant be gracious? You want to break dance on a grave that hasn't even been dug yet?

Ok Sacramento want to run your big mouths so much, I take back what I said. I hope HBN fights along with the Maloofs and that they still prevail in this thing.

We were hoping that the league would expand, but now I want HBN TO OWN the Kings - I don't care where tgey play. And HBN still has a shot at getting them!

The more I think about it, the more I think HBN should start playing dirty. Keep the team and pull a Satan Bennett.

Tear down the roster (trading away the best players first!) and add a bunch of scrub players. Lose, lose, lose games so the fans won't enjoy the team.

Then demand that the city builds a 100% publicly funded, $600M palace.

In a year or so, file for relocation, or - to one-up Bennett - put the team up for sale for $800M to recoup not only all of the money thus far invested, but the revenue losses from the empty arena.

Give Ranadive the first crack at purchasing the team.

If no local "whales" come forward to purchase the team, sell the team to an out-of-town ownership group (KC, STL, Vegas, Vancouver, Columbus, etc.) with no intentions of keeping the team in Sacramento.

The Sacramento fans are really pissing me off, and I now hold out hope that they lose their team...this year. is that?!


9:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris Hansen basically responded by throwing the gauntlet down!

"While we are disappointed with the relocation committee’s recommendation, we just wanted to let you all know that we remain fully committed to seeing this transaction through. As you are all well aware, we have a binding transaction to purchase the Kings for what would be a record price for an NBA franchise, have one of the best ownership groups ever assembled to purchase a professional sports team in the US, have clearly demonstrated that we have a much more solid Arena plan, have offered a much higher price than the yet to be finalized Sacramento Group, and have placed all of the funds to close the transaction into escrow. As such, we plan to unequivocally state our case for both relocation and our plan to move forward with the transaction to the league and owners at the upcoming Board of Governor’s Meeting in Mid-May."

Hansen isn't giving up so neither am I.


10:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell, Hansen has a few reasons to not voluntarily walk away from the PSA he has. Actually, more than a few. About thirty million reasons, actually.

The Maloofs will not, and probably cannot, sign any kind of deal with Ranadive before the BOG votes. If they do, that would probably represent a breach of contract with Hansen, and I bet there are penalties if they do that.

No, the BOG has to find a way to legally reject Hansen as an owner, and right now, I don’t think they can find one. “Best interests of the NBA” is probably irrelevant in antitrust law.

Hansen and the Maloofs will force the BOG to vote on this, and the pressure is on the BOG now to find a reason Hansen cannot own this team. This is exactly why the Maloofs hired an antitrust lawyer.

As long as Hansen and the Maloofs do not back off on their PSA, the Maloofs will not sign one more piece of paper that also has the name “Ranadive” written anywhere on it.


4:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey retards! The Phoenix Coyotes aren't going anywhere! All of you are complete ignorant Quebec City loving asses that spits out diarrhea faster than a hemorrhoid!

Me and my gay lover, George Fallar would love to see our Coyotes bit the pants off your sorry excuse of a hockey team!

I am Tom Kennedy and you can find me and George at the links below:

Respond to us there if you got any balls that is you bukkake loving pussies!

You'll get along fine that sad sack of crap Jacob Anderson who's been talking tripe to us Coyote fans for years just like you cum lovers! Our government should go medieval up his ass just like his "pal" Binny!

And we can't forget about the biggest retard of them all, the owner of the site, MAKE IT TEN himself! Not just this poop eater (I've seen it with my own eyes) is another cum eating Coyote hater like the rest of you, but he's to retarded to even ban me! That's right! Unlike those fascists at the Globe and Mail, I'm still around on his sorry excuse of a site because deep down, he knows I'm right, but he's too much of a heroin addict to admit it!

That is why the Coyotes are staying, because DOGS RULE!!!

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Or demand more subsidies in order to stay put, presumably. I mean, they’d be crazy not to at least ask."

Or how about the city going BANKRUPT long before the five years are up?

"if they leave before 5 years, the ownership group will need to reimburse glendale to a limited extent … so count on an exit after 6 years"

Not if the city goes bankrupt and they will. Hopefully some people in Glendale will make the ultimate sacrifice and either burn or blow the arena up! Such a fitting end if such a scenario plays out!

Remember, NOBODY is going to drive to the suburban wasteland known as Glendale on a weeknight, especially with prices going up. Thus I stand by my prediction that Glendale goes bankrupt before the five years are up.

3:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me and my friend Elizabeth Bales once attended a hockey game in Glendale together, and good lord! It was the worse experience we've ever had! There's hardly any of you people there. And the ones that were, well let's just say that we've met 7-11 employees with better moral values than you people. How shameful of you people to racial discriminate against the opposing team. Not to mention the type of trash you people throw on the ice! Elizabeth was just having a heart attack dealing with you slanderous hecklers! I felt this close to having a stroke thanks to your heckling just because we were wearing jerseys of other teams that we support!

Shame on you "people" if you can even be called that! You people definitely don't deserve a hockey team. Gary Bettman is a complete fool for not allowing this team to move to greener pastures. Me and Elizabeth will see to it that your team LOSES 50 million easily long before the five years are up! Until then, enjoy the losses this upcoming season you sorry excuse of human beings!

Here is my Twiiter account:

Don't forget Elizabeth's:

My Blog, which one of your own had the gall to say things like Cleveland Steamer and Bryan Stow. Real classy their Coyote fans, keep it up!

And finally my tumblr account:

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

London calling Raiders could only happen post-Al

By Tim Kawakami

Mercury News Columnist

POSTED: 10/08/2013 03:02:53 PM PDT

Al Davis would've never, ever, ever given up a home date for an international game.

I understand the reasons why the Raiders just agreed to do exactly that next season — along with Atlanta and Jacksonville, the Raiders will "host" a game in London in 2014, the NFL announced, which means all three teams will have only seven true home games in 2014.

The NFL usually guarantees the "home" teams the equivalent of the money from a regular home sellout, so teams (like the Raiders) that aren't sure they actually can get sellouts are more likely to accept the cash guarantee and take the home designation in London.

Therefore, the teams that usually lose the dates are the weaker teams, or at least the ones with the weakest ticket bases, and giving up the home game further weakens the base and the cycle goes on. You don't want to be in that cycle, but sometimes the cash is the cash.


Al — even in the worst ticket-selling days of Raiders history in Oakland — would've never given up a home date for a cash guarantee, because to Al winning the game was always paramount and nothing else was close.

And it's always better and easier to do that on home turf, not flying thousands of miles to play in a soccer stadium just to make sure the NFL's international branding is sufficient.

I would presume Al Davis knew that even beyond the factors involving one game, losing a home game and adding immense extra travel in the middle of an already taxing season would put a toll on his team that probably could be measured in extra losses.

(And Al already knew and was incredibly proud of the fact that the Raiders were an international brand all themselves, wherever they played.)

The Raiders didn't play well at all in Al's final years, but it would've been worse if he had agreed to give up a home date in any one of them, which the NFL knew better than to even ask.

I've followed this closely since 2010, when the 49ers gave up a home date to "host" in London and Jed York swore to me that there was no proof that giving up a home date could hurt a team's chances—and he implied that it actually could help.

That was provably wrong then... and now.

The 49ers went to London and beat Denver that year, but went 6-10 in Mike Singletary's last season (of course if the trip helped lead to his firing, you could argue that it helped the 49ers, I realize) and that was just more facts pumped into the pattern.

1:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In 2011, Tampa Bay was the "host" in London and finished the season 4-12.

Add in St. Louis' 7-8-1 record last season, while "hosting" a game in London, and here's the stark record of teams that gave up a home date for an international game in the season they did it:

—Teams that give up a home date for an international game have gone on to post a combined 34-72-1 record in those seasons.

(Hey, good luck to Minnesota and Jacksonville, the two London "hosts" this year, and their coaching staffs this year!)

It is, as I've always pointed out, partly self-fulfilling, because the teams that accept losing a home date are traditionally the weaker

teams—you never see Dallas, the NY Giants, Seattle, Washington or New England even asked to give up a home date.

You do see stronger teams go to London as ROAD teams, but that's a different case:

-It's a road game, so you're getting on a plane, anyway, just traveling to Europe, instead, and you still have all 8 home dates.

Powerful owners feel like they're doing their service to the league by taking a road trip to London, NOT by surrendering a home date.

(New England has been the road team in London twice, the NY Giants once, the 49ers are this year.

(The 49ers accepted the designed "host" role in 2010, partly because John York was head of the NFL International Committee back

then and needed to take one for the league and probably partly because the 49ers didn't know any better back then. You think Jim Harbaugh would sign off on losing a home game ever? Zero chance. Same situation/approach as Al D, I'm sure.)

No, it's the weaker teams take the deal to lose a date and take the cash. Then they find their seasons destabilized by having to take the long extra trip in the middle of a season.

Things unravel, players get fatigued, they don't have that one more home game that could turn the tide.

The Rams actually were a huge over-performer against this model by going 7-8-1, but some of that is explained by the arrival of Jeff Fisher — a strong first-year coach who A) wasn't going to let things get destabilized and B) wasn't going to get fired no matter what, so an exhausted locker room couldn't/wouldn't turn on him.

By the way, one of the first things Fisher did in St. Louis was get the Rams out of an agreement to host in London for two more years. Jeff is no dummy.

1:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevin S posted:

Sounds good but everyone is missing 1 piece of the equation. The NFLPA.

First off right now players only need a passport. If they have to play 8 home games plus 2 pre season games, plus all practices, OTA's, etc. they must apply for a work visa. So now you have to get the gov't involved due to how long the process may take. Will they have exceptions to the rules?

Secondly the the tax complications. All money earned, salary plus global endorsements while working in the UK is taxed at 45%. On top of that they will also be taxed by the US gov't at the highest rate of 39%. There may be a tax credit but they will still be taxed on both sides of the pond.

Forget the fact free agents may not want to join the team due to these taxes, the exchange rate between the Euro and the dollar, whether or not the team plays in Europe but all operations come out of the U.S.

Too many hassles and a ton of gov't red tape to move just 1 team overseas IMO.

1:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "My Next Door Neighbor" story from Johncockenfurs was great...until this last paragraph:

"It’s been 15 years since then, but I’d love to go back and fuck the leather clad 55 year old Mrs. Moore today. In fact, when I’m alone with my cock, I think about it often."

What in blue blazes was he thinking?!! The protagonist and Mrs. Moore were quite obviously made for each other as if the 9 months of sex wasn't proof enough and not just have the two of them haven't had contact with each other for 15 frickin' years, but he couldn't even reunite the two after all this time to be the eternal soul-mates the two of them were meant to be! Everything else in that story was great! But the horrible last paragraph kills it dead. It's like the equivalent of taking the excellent Batman two parter "Two Face" and having Two Face kill Batman after Batman causes Two Face to lose his special coin rather than the correct ending we got with Two Face freaking out over his coin and crying after he couldn't find it amongst the other coins Batman threw at him.

I think a continuation of this story is in order and I've got some ideas.

Taking place immediately after the last paragraph, we find our hero still thinking about the sultry Mrs. Moore all alone with his cock in his room when suddenly...

[Sound of gun being cocked]
>>???: Don't move. Are you that "beastly" guy?

[Our hero looks in the mirror and is shocked to learn that his would be assailant is a Clawed Mole from the Etrian Odyssey video games]
>>Protagonist: That's it, who wishes to know?
>>Clawed Mole: We kidnapped her.

>>Protagonist: Kidnapped who? Speak up!
>>Clawed Mole: Mrs. Moore.

[Protagonist is freaked out over hearing this]
>>Protagonist: What! Bastard, you better not hurt her leathery clad bottom!
>>Clawed Mole: Not yet, but we'd enjoy the opportunity!
>>Protagonist: I'll rearrange every bone in your body if you have violated her in any way!
>>Clawed Mole: Listen and listen good! We want that gold statue that your precious Mrs. Moore entrusted to you 15 years ago.

>>Clawed Mole: Come to the Claret Hollows tomorrow morning with the statue.

>>Clawed Mole: As long as you possess the statue, we will have "our fun" with Mrs. Moore...

[The Clawed Mole leaves our hero's home]
>>Protagonist: Mrs. Moore….

[Our hero thinks back to the very last time he had sex with Mrs. Moore which featured a gigantic stream of cum covering a very horny and raunchier than ever Mrs. Moore who ate it all up. After that, a very sad Mrs. Moore gave our hero a gold statue as a gift to remember her by before leaving for college.]

>>Mrs. Moore: Fuck me! Fuck your "mommy" good!

>>Protagonist: Do you like it when I fuck your pussy?!!

>>Mrs. Moore: Oh, fuck yeah! And I love your cock and cum too! You're the best lover and friend I've ever had!

[Later on]
>>Mrs. Moore: Here, have this gold statue. It's a one of a kind rare artifact. Think of it as a way to remember the love we've had. And promise me, that you'll return someday.
>>Protagonist: Thanks Mrs. Moore! I promise to take real good care of the statue and think of you a lot for all those wonderful times!

[Back to the present]
>>Protagonist: Mrs. Moore, I'm such an r-tard! I should have come back to you after I finished college instead of falling in love and marrying that "harpy" who hasn't contacted me for months after leaving on that expedition. Now your life's in danger at the hands of criminals instead of being in the warmth of your leathers with me holding on to you. I will rescue you my true love.

1st Stratum

Rocky Streets

And so our hero's journey began.

Well I think you get the idea. Perhaps someday there will be more ideas to this sequel until then, we'll just have to wait for now.

7:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"My Nextdoor Neighbor"

I have always had a fascination with women in leather, ever since I can remember. It started with leather pants and skirts, especially mini-skirts and then over time grew to include boots and heels, gloves and now it is covers about everything. I can see an older woman who is not in great shape wearing a snug fitting leather coat and I get a raging hard-on. That is the only thing that has stayed consistent: I prefer tight fitting leather (although a long skirt or dress that gets loose can still get the job done.

When I had just turned 18 our next door neighbor was Mrs. Moore; she was about 40 at the time and a single mother. She was super hot. She had her deep red hair cut into a bob, the aerobics she did kept her body extremely tight and in her face she didn't look a day over 25. I would always see her in the driveway and she always dressed to kill. She wore jean mini-skirts and knee high boots that showed off her legs with little tops that showed off her beautiful 36 C breasts. She always dressed this way, if it wasn't skirts it was tight jeans and heels or something. Maybe she didn't wear her leather skirt or jeans that often, but in my mind, she must have worn each of them at least once a week and whenever I'd hear her car pull up, I'd run to the window to see what she was wearing and more often than not, jacked off as soon as she went into the house.

I used to do some odd jobs for Mrs. Moore, nothing major, I'd just help her out by mowing her yard, doing work around the house or other minor things and she'd usually drop me a $20 or invite me in for a beer. Well, one day she asked me to install some bookshelves that didn't quite fit her room and needed some adjustments. Since I was good at carpentry, she asked me to take care of this for her. I agreed and went over to her house about 6 pm that Friday night to do the work.

When I got there, she was getting ready to leave for a date. She looked amazing, all made up, a little satin blouse, tight black leather pants, patent leather heeled boots and as we were talking she grabbed her tight little black leather jacket, told me to help myself to the food and beer and to just lock up on my way out, she'd see me tomorrow. She left, I watched her ass as she walked down the driveway and then tried to get my head on straight before I started working with my power tools -- I didn't want to lose a finger thinking about her when I should have been thinking about my work.

I worked pretty solid until about 11 pm and I was about halfway done, so I stopped and made myself a sandwich and grabbed a beer. As I finished the sandwich and was getting ready to work on my beer I noticed a photo album on the coffee table. I opened it up and noticed they were mostly pictures of her and her friends out at bars -- almost every picture had her in tight leather pants or skirts! She had black leather skirts of different lengths, different colored leather pants, and even a fair amount of leather tops and jackets. I looked at the clock and seeing how it was 11:30, I thought I had plenty of time, so I pulled my cock out of my jeans and begin to jerk myself off thinking of Mrs. Moore in those outfits, imagining being able to touch her in them.

Apparently I was really into what I was doing because I didn't notice her come into the house -- I heard her drop her car keys on the kitchen counter and call my name. I quickly put my cock away but she must have just seen me as I came around the corner.

"Whatcha doin?" she asked.

6:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously embarrassed, I said, "Ah, nothing, just taking a break, I'm going to have to finish the shelves tomorrow."

She walked over to me and sat down on the couch right next to me. I could tell she'd had a couple cocktails and she just leaned back on the couch and crossed her legs.. "Date didn't go as planned."

"That's too bad."

She looked at me and I was still mortified and my cock was still bulging out of my jeans. She sat up, put her hand on my knee and then ran her hand up to my cock and started rubbing it very softly. She said, "I saw what you were doing. You don't need to be embarrassed about it, it is very natural. I do it all the time."

I thought I was going to shoot my load as soon as she said that, but I didn't. I just kind of nodded.

"Can you tell me what you were thinking about?"

I didn't know quite what to say and after a couple moments of silence I thought I had to say something so I just blurted out...the truth. "You."

"Me? Really? Do I turn you on?"

"Um, yeah, you do quite a bit."

"What do you like about me?"

After she said this she got up and straddled me and I could feel her tight ass wrapped in leather sitting right on top of my cock. She started running her hands up my chest and trough my hair.

"I just think you're beautiful and sexy and you dress to show how beautiful and sexy you are."

"You like how I dress?"

"Yeah, a lot."

She leaned back and said, "You like my leather pants?"

"I love it when you wear leather. Especially your pants and skirts, they show off your incredible ass."

"I have an incredible ass do I?"


"Then I'm going to give you a good look at it as I walk into the kitchen."

6:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She got up and walked slowly into the kitchen, taking special care to shake her ass back and forth as she went and as she turned the corner turned around and winked at me. I had no idea what was going on or what to do. I was fairly good looking and in good shape but had very little experience with women. She quickly returned with two beers and sat next to me. We both took a couple drinks of our beers and kept our eyes locked onto each others -- except mine kept drifting to her leather clad body..

"Touch me."

I did as I was told. I ran my hands up and down her legs for a little while. After a moment, she stopped my hand, put her beer down and got up. She walked to the stereo, shaking her ass again really slow and put some music on. She turned around and slowly removed her jacket, throwing it on the floor. Her satin blouse was undone enough to get an excellent view of her cleavage. She pulled the coffee table away from the couch and began to dance for me. Slowly moving her hips and running her hands all up and down her body. I wasn't even aware of the fact I'd started rubbing my cock through my jeans.

"Oh no, no" she said, "not yet. They'll be plenty of time for that."

She then came closer to me and began giving me a lap dance, grinding her ass into my cock and me not being able to pull my eyes away from her ass. She turned around and straddled me again still grinding on me. She pulled off my shirt and began kissing my chest and running her hands all over me. She then pulled up and I began to kiss her on the mouth, tongues reaching, just like I'd always fantasized about. As we were kissing she began unbuttoning her blouse until it was wide open. I started kissing her neck and made my way down to the top of her breasts where my lips finally met her bra.

She pulled back and pulled off her blouse and then reached back and unhooked her bra, throwing it with her blouse onto the jacket on the floor. She then got down in front of me on the floor and began undoing my belt. She was smiling at me and I could barely tell because I couldn't take my eyes off of her perfect tits and flat stomach as they met her leather jeans. Next thing I knew she had my cock out and it just sprung straight into the air.

"Oh my, what do we have here?"

6:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She began stroking me off as she looked at me and then she cupped my balls and began licking me, my balls, my shaft all while never taking her eyes off of me. I watched her bright red lips meet the tip of my cock and how she rubbed my precum all over her lips. Finally, she slid those lips around the head of my cock and I watched in amazement as she took all 8 inches of me and left lip stick on the base of my cock. She didn't have to suck for long because they excitement of it all I just came into her mouth like I had never cum before. I was shaking and convulsing and she just sucked and sucked until every bit of cum shot into her mouth.

She stood up, stuck her finger in her mouth, pulled out a little cum and then looked at me as she licked it all off and swallowed.

"You taste so good."

I was spent, but she reached down and straddled me again, kissing me violently. She then rolled onto her back on the couch and pulled me on top of her. She pushed my pants down, eventually I got up and took them all the way off. I laid back down on top of her kissing her and working my way down to her tits. Feeling my cock and balls on her leather pants got me hard again almost immediately, but I was going to try and be unselfish. I kissed her all the way down and then pulled her leather pants down around her knees. I wasn't about to let her take them or her boots off, at least just yet. I put my face between her legs and could smell her through her g-string. By the time I put my nose next to her pussy I could feel the moisture that had collected in the fabric. I then pulled them down and began to lick around her pussy. She was so wet already, I just licked up all her sweet juices I could and once I hit her clit she started moaning. Not knowing exactly what to do I just let her moaning guide me. It took me a little while, but I loved every second my tongue was in her pussy. She eventually ruptured, covering my face in cum. I didn't even know some women could do that then. She lie there panting and looking at me and I returned the favor: I let her watch me run my hand all over my face collecting her cum and then I licked it all off.

"You taste fantastic" I said.

Her response? "I want you inside me now. Fuck me with that big cock of yours."

I didn't need to be told twice. She reached down and guided me in and I began to thrust as I felt her tighten in around me and grab me by the ass and force my cock into her pussy. We fucked for a little while and then she motioned for a position change. She rolled over on her side and I got behind her and entered her from behind. It was amazing watching myself thrust into her wet pussy and having my stomach push up against her sweet ass while grabbing both of her tits as I went. It wasn't very long in this position when she came again and I could feel her cum slide down my cock and cover my balls.

At this point, I thought I'd try to take charge, so I moved her onto her back again, threw her legs over my shoulders and positioned myself for deep penetration. As I was fucking her I reached back and pulled her leather pants around my neck and played with her boots as I pushed as deep as I could inside her. She again came, again covering my balls in her sticky juices.

This time I knew I was getting close so I positioned her on her knees and went at her doggy style. She came again almost immediately. I was enjoying seeing myself pumping her from behind and her occasionally turning around and yelling something like, "fuck me hard" or "I love your big cock inside me".

She then turned to me and said, "You want to cum on my leather pants? You've been watching me and dreaming about my leather covered ass, do you want to cum on it."

6:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I nodded enthusiastically yes and she leaned forward and pulled up her pants and fastened them. She then pushed her ass back and as I was stroking myself, she reached back and grabbed my cock and jerked me off and in about 10 seconds I cam all over her leather covered ass. She just kept jerking and I just kept cumming. She rubbed my cock in my cum all over her ass and I helped her collect as much as I could on my cock. She then turned around and licked me clean.

When this was done I fell on my back and she laid on top of me, her leather covered legs wrapped around mine with her hand still rubbing my cock and balls.

"Was it good for you?" she asked.

"Even better than I ever imagined."

"Well, you were pretty damn good yourself. Now that I know how good you are, you're going to have to give some repeat performances."

After that Mrs. Moore found more and more things around her house she needed help with. She continued to give me leather fashion shows, let me take her out to restaurants and places out of town where no one would see us with her dressed in leather so she could tease me for a couple hours. We'd even fuck in the backyard with her in her knee high boots and denim mini-skirts in the middle of the day when there was a BBQ next door. She continued to indulge my leather fucking fetish the rest of the summer until I left for college -- it was the best 9 months of sex I've ever had.

It's been 15 years since then, but I'd love to go back and fuck the leather clad 55 year old Mrs. Moore today. In fact, when I'm alone with my cock, I think about it often.

6:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of a sudden...

[Sound of gun being cocked]
>>???: Don't move. Are you that "beastly" guy?

[Our hero looks in the mirror and is shocked to learn that his would be assailant is a Clawed Mole from the Etrian Odyssey video games]
>>Protagonist: That's it, who wishes to know?
>>Clawed Mole: We kidnapped her.

>>Protagonist: Kidnapped who? Speak up!
>>Clawed Mole: Mrs. Moore.

[Protagonist is freaked out over hearing this]
>>Protagonist: What! Bastard, you better not hurt her leathery clad bottom!
>>Clawed Mole: Not yet, but we'd enjoy the opportunity!
>>Protagonist: I'll rearrange every bone in your body if you have violated her in any way!
>>Clawed Mole: Listen and listen good! We want that gold statue that your precious Mrs. Moore entrusted to you 15 years ago.

>>Clawed Mole: Come to the Claret Hollows tomorrow morning with the statue.

>>Clawed Mole: As long as you possess the statue, we will have "our fun" with Mrs. Moore...

[The Clawed Mole leaves our hero's home]
>>Protagonist: Mrs. Moore….

[Our hero thinks back to the very last time he had sex with Mrs. Moore which featured a gigantic stream of cum covering a very horny and raunchier than ever Mrs. Moore who ate it all up. After that, a very sad Mrs. Moore gave our hero a gold statue as a gift to remember her by before leaving for college.]

>>Mrs. Moore: Fuck me! Fuck your "mommy" good!

>>Protagonist: Do you like it when I fuck your pussy?!!

>>Mrs. Moore: Oh, fuck yeah! And I love your cock and cum too! You're the best lover and friend I've ever had!

[Later on]
>>Mrs. Moore: Here, have this gold statue. It's a one of a kind rare artifact. Think of it as a way to remember the love we've had. And promise me, that you'll return someday.
>>Protagonist: Thanks Mrs. Moore! I promise to take real good care of the statue and think of you a lot for all those wonderful times!

[Back to the present]
>>Protagonist: Mrs. Moore, I'm such an r-tard! I should have come back to you after I finished college instead of falling in love and marrying that "harpy" who hasn't contacted me for months after leaving on that expedition. Now your life's in danger at the hands of criminals instead of being in the warmth of your leathers with me holding on to you. I will rescue you my true love.

1st Stratum

Rocky Streets

And so our hero's journey began.

6:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1 Sound Mode Modifier1 8003CAFC 000?
2 Open Trap Door In Entrance (Not Inverted) D00974A0 0007
80181104 0001
3 Enemies Take Damage When Touched 80072F1C 0010
80073418 0001
4 Special Weapon Max Damage 80074B9 FFFF
5 Enter Debug Room 80097918 0040
800974A0 0040
6 Rapid Fire (Shorter Mist Transformation) 80072EE8 0000
7 Infinite Stop Watch Time 80074BD4 0099
8 Toggle Walls On And Off (Press Up+L2=On, Down+L2=Off) D0097490 1001
80097914 0000
D0097490 4001
80097914 000F
9 Character Behind Walls (Press R1 On Controller 2) D0097498 0008
8007309C 0000
10 Background In Front (Press L1 On Controller 2) D0097498 0002
8007309C 00F0
11 Invisible Character 800733EE FFFF
12 Level 1 80097BE8 0001
80097BEC 0000
80097BEE 0000
13 Move During Cutscenes 80072FEC 0000
14 Instant Death (Press Select+Start) D0097490 0900
80073FBE 0041
15 No Sound Effects 80139000 0076
16 Chameleon Palette 800733EE 8163
17 Open Magically Sealed Doors 30097974 0003
18 Teleport To Level Entrance (Press L2+Left) D0097490 8001
8003C9A4 0000
19 Super Jump D0097490 0040
800733E4 0000
D0097490 8040
800733E4 0000
D0097490 2040
800733E4 0000
20 Special Game Over Dialogue (Succubus Battle) D00974A0 0012
D0138458 003E
80138458 0093
21 Special Game Over Dialogue 1 (Richter Battle) D00974A0 0018
D0138458 003E
80138458 00DC
22 Special Game Over Dialogue 2 (Richter Battle) D00974A0 0018
D0138458 003E
80138458 00DD
23 Special Game Over Dialogue 3 (Richter Battle) D00974A0 0018
D0138458 003E
80138458 00DE
24 Change Evil Richter's Taunt2 D0138458 00E1
80138458 00??
25 Bibuti Replaced with ??? Modifier3 800769A4 00??
26 Maria In Clock Room No Dialogue (Marble Gallery) 8003CA90 07DD
Can Fight Enemy Codes
27 Can Fight Doppleganger10 8003CA30 0000
8003CA32 0000
28 Can Fight Karasuman 8003CA50 0000
8003CA52 0000
29 Can Fight Cerberus 8003CA5C 0000
8003CA5E 0000
30 Can Fight Olrox 8003CA2C 0000
8003CA2E 0000
31 Can Fight Granfaloon 8003CA34 0000
8003CA36 0000
32 Can Fight Lesser Demon 8003CA6C 0000
8003CA6E 0000
33 Can Fight Scylla 8003CA3C 0000
8003CA3E 0000
8003BEAE 0000
34 Can Fight Slogra & Gaibon 8003BE70 0000
8003CA40 0000
8003CA42 0000
35 Can Fight Slogra & Gaibon (Entrance) 801812CC 0000
8003BE24 0000
36 Can Fight Succubus 8003CA4C 0000
8003CA4E 0000
37 Can Fight Succubus (With Dialogue) 8003BEC0 0000
8003BEC2 0000
38 Can Fight Succubus (No Dialogue) 8003BE80 0101
39 Can Fight Minotaur 8003CA38 0000
8003CA3A 0000
40 Can Fight Minotaur (With Dialogue) 8003BEA0 0000
8003BEA2 0000
41 Can Fight Minotaur (No Dialogue) 8003BEA2 0001
42 Can Fight Hippogryph 8003CA44 0000
8003CA46 0000
43 Can Fight Hippogryph (With Dialogue) 8003BE4E 0000
8003BE50 0000
44 Can Fight Hippogryph (No Dialogue) 8003BE4E 0001
45 Can Fight Richter (See Note)4 8003CA60 0000
8003CA62 0000
46 Can Fight Richter (With Dialogue) 8003BE80 0000
8003BE82 0000
47 Can Fight Richter (No Dialogue) 8003BE80 0000
48 Can Fight Darkwing Bat 8003CA78 0000
8003CA7A 0000
49 Can Fight Akmodan II 8003CA74 0000
8003CA76 0000
50 Can Fight Medusa 8003CA64 0000
8003CA66 0000
51 Can Fight The Creature 8003CA68 0000
8003CA6A 0000
52 Can Fight Doppleganger 40 8003CA70 0000
8003CA72 0000

2:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

53 Can Fight Beezlebub 8003CA48 0000
8003CA4A 0000
54 Can Fight Fake Trevor/Grant/Sypha 8003CA54 0000
8003CA56 0000
55 Can Fight Galamoth 8003CA7C 0000
8003CA7E 0000
56 Can Fight Death 8003CA58 0000
8003CA5A 0000
57 Can Fight Death (With Dialogue) 8003BEC8 0000
8003BECA 0000
58 Can Fight Death (No Dialogue) 8003BEC8 0001
Misc. Alucard Codes
59 Infinite Wing Smash Time5 80137FFC 001F
60 Equipable Sword Familiar Max Power 80097C74 03E7
61 Muramasa Attack Power Max (Alternate Code) 80097C40 657C
80097C42 0002
62 Badelaire Attack Power Max6 80097C30 03E7
63 Familiar Max Damage 80073708 FFFF
64 Food And Potions Give Full HP 80072F78 270F
65 Turn Off Music (Hold Triangle)7 D0097490 0010
80139A70 0000
66 Manbat Alucard (Press Up+Triangle+X) D0097490 0048
80073404 0005
67 Teleport To Long Library (Press L2+Right) D0097490 2001
80073FBE 0041
68 Walk In Air (Press Down+Triangle To Get Down) 80072F20 0001
D0097490 4040
80072F20 0000
69 Control Alucard In Ending (Press Down To Stop) D0097490 2000
800737B0 0002
D0097490 2000
80073798 0000
D0097490 8000
800737B0 0006
D0097490 8000
80073798 0001
D0097490 4000
800737B0 0003
70 Can Control Character In Boss Tactics (Press R1+R2 For Manual Control, R1+Circle For Auto Control, L1+L2 To Return To Library) D0097490 000A
80097914 0000
D0097490 0028
80097914 0004
D0097490 0005
80097914 0003
71 Clanging Library Shop Music 80138472 000F
8013848C 0F01
72 Library Shop Music Off 800978B0 0000
73 Fast Library Shop Music 801384E8 0000
74 Enable Pixie Familiar (See Note)8 8009797A 0301
75 Enable Nose Devil Familiar (See Above Note) 8009797C 0303
76 Pixie Familiar Sings Nocturne (Long Library Only)9 D007342E 00DF
D00736CE 0089
D009797A 0301
800736F0 738C
D0138458 0104
D00974A0 0002
80138458 003F
77 Pixie Familiar Name Fix 800DFD5C 4930
800DFD5E 4958
800DFD60 FF45
78 Nose Devil Familiar Name Fix 800DFD54 002E
800DFD56 5624
800DFD58 4C49
800DFD5A 00FF
79 Quick Level Up Pixie Familiar 80097C84 FFFF
80 Quick Level Up Nose Devil Familiar 80097C90 FFFF
Misc. Richter Codes
81 Using Some Codes Below With GamesharkTM Lite(tm) Note10 N/A
82 Make Richter Fight The Final Form of Dracula11 N/A
83 Super Jump Doesn't Crash Game (See Note - Fixes GamesharkTM Lite Problems)12 D0073404 0008
8003C9A4 0001
84 Air Dash Doesn't Crash Game (See Note - Fixes GamesharkTM Lite Problems) D0073404 0018
8003C9A4 0001
85 Holy Cross And Axe Item Crash Don't Crash Game (See Note - Fixes GamesharkTM Lite Problems) D0073424 5658
8003C9A4 0001
86 Running Doesn't Crash Game (See Above Note - Fixes GamesharkTM Lite Problems) D0073404 0019
8003C9A4 0001
87 Turn Off Music (Hold Circle) (See Note)13 D0097490 0020
80139A70 0000
88 Can Collect Relics 80097964 0000
80097966 0000
80097968 0000
8009796A 0000
8009796C 0000
8009796E 0000
80097970 0000
80097972 0000
30097974 0000
80097976 0000
80097978 0000
8009797A 0000
8009797C 0000
8009797E 0000
80097980 0000
89 Can Break Spikes 80097C0C 000E
90 Can Summon The Ferryman 80097974 0303
91 Can Enter Room Under Clockroom (Marble Gallery) 80097C14 0048
80097C18 0049
92 Enemy Damage Display14 D003C9A0 0001
3009796F 000?
93 Enemy Name Display15 D003C9A0 0001
3009797E 000?
94 Stretchy Whip D0073424 5588
80073424 55E8
D0073424 55C8
80073424 55E8
95 Walk In Air (Press Down+Circle To Get Down) 80072F20 0001
D0097490 4020
80072F20 0000
96 Always Have Flame Whip 80073FC8 0100
80074084 0101
80074140 0102
800741FC 0103
800742B8 0104
80074374 0105
80074430 0106
800744EC 0107
800745A8 0108
80074664 0109
80074720 010A
800747DC 010B
80074898 010C
Music Codes
97 Quantity Digits To Accompany Music Modifier Codes16 N/A
Normal Castle
98 Marble Gallery D0138458 000D
80138458 00??
99 Outer Wall D0138458 0013
80138458 00??
100 Long Library D0138458 0009
80138458 00??
101 Catacombs D0138458 0007
80138458 00??
102 Olrox's Quarters D0138458 0017
80138458 00??
103 Abandoned Mine D00974A0 0005
80138458 00??
104 Royal Chapel D0138458 0005
80138458 00??

2:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

105 Castle Entrance D0138458 000F
80138458 00??
106 Underground Caverns D0138458 000B
80138458 00??
107 Collseum D0138458 0023
80138458 00??
108 Castle Keep D0138458 001B
80138458 00??
109 Alchemy Laboratory D0138458 002E
80138458 00??
110 Clock Tower D0138458 0011
80138458 00??
111 Lower Clockroom (Normal And Inverted) D00974A0 0008
80138458 00??
Inverted Castle
112 Black Marble Gallery D00974A0 0020
80138458 00??
113 Reverse Outer Wall D00974A0 0021
80138458 00??
114 Forbidden Library D00974A0 0022
80138458 00??
115 Floating Catacombs D00974A0 0023
80138458 00??
116 Deathwing's Lair D00974A0 0024
80138458 00??
117 Reverse Mine D0138458 0019
80138458 00??
118 Anti Chapel D00974A0 0026
80138458 00??
119 Reverse Entrance D00974A0 0027
80138458 00??
120 Reverse Lower Clockroom D00974A0 0028
80138458 00??
121 Cave D00974A0 0029
80138458 00??
122 Reverse Collseum D00974A0 002A
80138458 00??
123 Reverse Castle Keep D00974A0 002B
80138458 00??
124 Necromancy Laboratory D00974A0 003C
80138458 00??
125 Reverse Clock Tower D00974A0 003D
80138458 00??
126 Bloodlines: Final Level D0138458 0021
80138458 00??
127 File Select Screen D0138458 0032
80138458 00??
128 Prologue D0138458 0048
80138458 00??
129 Credits D0138458 003C
80138458 00??

1 0 - Stereo
1 - Mono
2 D9 - The blood of Dracula flows strongly in you after all! But this whip is not my only weapon!
DA - Impressive! You were able to avoid my whip! Let's see how you like this!
DB - Impressive! But you can't escape this!
DF - Awesome! You are mighty indeed! But let me show you the true meaning of power!
3 00 - Small Heart
01 - Large Heart
02 - Coin
03 - $25 Bag
04 - $50 Bag
05 - $100 Bag
06 - $250 Bag
07 - $400 Bag
08 - $700 Bag
09 - $1,000 Bag
0A - $2,000 Bag
0B - $5,000 Chest
0C - Heart Max
0D - Turkey (No use)
0E - Dagger
0F - Axe
10 - Holy Cross
11 - Holy Water
12 - Stop Watch
13 - Holy Bible
14 - Rebound Stone
15 - Bibuti
16 - Agunea
17 - Life Max
4 Use this code if you want Richter to be able to save Richter: 80097C08 0022
5 Q. How do you stop when using the Infinite Wing Smash code for Symphony of the Night? Just change back?

A. The Infinite wing smash code works like the Sega Saturn version. As in there is no timer on how long you can do the move. So it only stops when you change form, hit a wall, or run out of MP. You will not need to change back manually.
6 This code actually increases gameplay time.
7 To turn off the music just hold Triangle (Backslide) when coming into any area that would load music (Coming out of CD Load rooms, Save areas, etc.)
8 To make the code work you must have no familars activated in the file you wish to use the familiar in. The familiar will automatically appear when you load the game. You can only activate one familiar at a time.
9 To get the code to work you must of pushed the book case at least once. Also, like in the Saturn version Alucard must be sitting down.

2:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Q. How does the pixie song code for Symphony of the Night work?

A. First of all make sure the Pixie familiar is enabled. The Pixie familar is the familiar that uses Japanese. Note the pixie familiar is not normally found in the US version so you need to use a GamesharkTM code to activate her. She is different than the english speaking Sprite famliar.

Anyway, with the Pixie familiar enabled you must go to the Long Library and find the room with two chairs next to a desk. Then have Alucard sit down. In time the Pixie will begin to sing her song.
10 Q. How does the GamesharkTM Lite perform? Is it just like a regular GamesharkTM? And can you make/save new codes? I think I heard you save them to your own memory card, but I'm not sure.

A. Unfortunately you will not be able to enter any new codes in GS Lite and thus it will not have a need to save new codes on any memory card. You can only use codes that are found on the disc. Also know that you cannot make any GamesharkTM codes using a GS Lite.
11 Step List

1) Copy an Alucard file that you will use if you do not want it corrupted.
2) Enter the Save Anywhere code
3003C708 0020

3) Select your Alucard file and defeat Shaft. Then save the game before the Dracula Battle.
4) Enter the Play as Richter code
3003C9A0 0001

Along with the Teleport to Level Entrance code (Press L2+Left)

D0097490 8001
8003C9A4 0000

And use the Save Anywhere code again.
5) Select your file and use the Return to Level Entrance twice. You will see the Save Orb appear. Save your game.

You can use this file anytime you would like to Fight Dracula using Richter. You will not need to use the GamesharkTM to fight him anymore.

Some notes: The game will freeze after the Dracula battle. Do not use the save anywhere code elsewhere because it will corrupt your file.
12 Use these codes on GamesharkTM CDX to stop the game from crashing. When using these codes you cannot exit the room while using a special move. Also special moves will not effect the enemy.
13 To turn off the music just hold Circle (Backflip) when entering any area that would load music (Exiting CD Load rooms, Save areas, etc.)
14 1 - Off
3 - On
15 1 - Off
3 - On
16 00 - Lost Painting
03 - Curse Zone
05 - Requiem for the Gods
07 - Rainbow Cemetary
09 - Wood Carving Partita
0B - Crystal TearDrop
0D - Marble Gallery
0F - Dracula's Castle
11 - Tragic Prince
13 - Tower of Mist
15 - Doorway of Holy Spirits
17 - Dance of Pales
19 - Abandoned Pit
1B - Heavenly Doorway
1D - Festival of Servants
1F - Dance of Illusions
21 - Prologue
23 - Wandering Ghost's
25 - Door to the Abyss
27 - Metamorphosis
29 - Metamorphisis 2
2E - Dance of Gold
30 - Enchanted Banquet
32 - Prayer
34 - Death Ballad
36 - Blood Relations
38 - Final Toccata
3A - Black Banquet
3C - I am the Wind
3D - Silence
3E - Land of Benediction
3F - Nocturne
40 - Moonlight Nocturne

PS - Viper if you're reading this, go get cancer you racist hypocritical piece of dog shit and die!

2:06 AM  
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All these corrupt pieces of shit spam holes need to be terminated with extreme prejudice! The freakin' NAZIS have more class than those pieces of shit!

3:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"And the week after Texas they got beat at home by a mediocre/rebuilding Utah team that has beat them four years in a row now. Texas was horrible last year too. You can make a case for a lot of teams that have had wins over bigger programs over the years, Byu is no different than a dozen other programs outside of the P5 that could make the same argument. And Byu didn't once make a BCS bowl compared to the two times each that Utah, Boise St., and TCU did. Byu is overrated in a lot of ways and that's why they are currently on the outside looking in."

"Don't kid yourself Brad Smith . Byu has had no influence on anything in college football. The 1984 "Championship" was earned by beating up on a bunch of terrible WAC teams and defeating an average 6-6 Michigan team in the Holiday Bowl. People are proud of that? In no way would that type of season get Byu a NC bid during the BCS era. Utah went undefeated twice during the BCS era and in 2008-09 whooped Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and should have played Florida for the NC that year, a real NC. Not some pre-BCS fluke that no one outside of Provo recognizes or cares about. Independence means no one wants you.

You're welcome."

"Bart Burk, thanks for your concern about the Utes. You represent Byu well with your fixation on how we're doing compared to the situation of your own program. We're good, we own the Salt Lake market (laughing at you Bronco) and sell out every home game every year and are secure and respected in a Power 5 conference that ASKED us to join them, no one had to beg in the media like a certain team down south who still is looking for some friends. Byu can't even sell out their own 64k stadium in their own backyard, maybe it's time to cut down to a Division III size stadium, it would match Byu's schedule a lot better. Savannah State and Middle Tennessee can be your new November rivals."

6:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Kristi Stewart, Yes, mediocre. Unlike in Cougarland where all your craziest dreams and delusions can be declared a reality, Utah fans are realists. Utah has been battling injuries to their key players since joining the PAC-12 and have still competed and if you think the PAC-12 regrets anything then you really should start seeing a shrink. I know that pill from four years ago is still lodged in the throat of every Byu fan because they can't get over that we earned our way and moved on without little brother. By the way, no one expected Utah to win the conference championship within their first three years, getting acclimated with building brand new multi-million dollar athletic facilities that most schools in the country would drool over and bringing in the higher recruits takes some time. Glad Byu fans think we should be that great so soon, they have seen first hand how much they can't compete with us anymore. You wish Byu interested the PAC-12, you don't get into the big boys club until you prove your worth and Byu can't back up their talk, that's why every season is a massive disappoint to fans. Is this going to be the 7th or 8th year in a row that either Coach Roscoe or Holmoe declare Byu national title contenders? Byu's media days are known to be better than any comedy clubs around. Surely you know that Byu just recently was labeled as "not worthy" to be a high enough caliber team to be scheduled in the new playoff system. When the SEC and ACC don't want to schedule you because your too JV, that's saying something. And don't get to comfy with all those PAC-12 games scheduled for the future. Depending on what the P5s do in the next few years, they may only allow all OOC games to be within the P5s. All those games get dropped and Byu is going to Division III because there is no way they get into a P5 conference in the next ten years and unless they join the MWC or AAC, they are dead in the water.

6:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But wait, that national championship from 30 years ago surely justifies Byu's relevance in 2014, right? HA! The prizes you find in cracker jack boxes are worth more than that trophy they think is so valuable in Provo. It doesn't even compare in value to the 2004-05 Fiesta Bowl and 2008-09 Sugar Bowl BCS trophies sitting pretty in Salt Lake. Utah finished #2 in the country in 2008-09 and should have had a shot at the national championship seeing as Florida and Utah were the only two undefeated teams in the country, and Utah crushed Alabama, who says they wouldn't have crushed Meyer and Tebow 's Florida too? The rest of the country doesn't consider Byu a top tier program, they haven't done anything relevant in football in a very long time. The bigger schools don't recognize 1996 (especially not 1984) as credible accomplishments to justify bringing in Byu, which is why they are still indy. You can't just declare that they'd have automatically made it into a BCS game in 1996 and it was magically "worth more", wishing doesn't count. With that logic I could say that Utah shared the 2008 NC with Florida, so look, we have a NC too, and one that is actually relevant. Keep dreaming!

Texas absolutely sucked last year. You don't fire your DC in the middle of the season and then your legendary coach after the season and have ZERO players drafted in the NFL and consider it a good season. Byu fans like to think Texas was a top team last year to justify their win when in reality Texas wasn't any better than a MWC school. I haven't met a Texas fan who would back up your claim, because there aren't any.

Before recommending to someone who is far more knowledgable on the topic than you are that "they should do a little more research before they talk," perhaps you should educate yourself about how college football actually works from a competitive standpoint and business standpoint, it would do wonders for you seeing as how your Byu delusions are getting in the way. In fact, take off the blue goggles and see what Byu looks like to the rest of the football landscape before self proclaiming Byu as this highly recognizable and respected force, a "force" that plays Idaho St., Savannah State and Middle Tennessee in November. Consider reality and it will help you see where your team really is right now and why they are there. Keep practicing dear."

-Robbie Perkins

6:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great comment I found before it got pulled, it reads:






9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck Warner Bros. Entertainment!
Fuck NBC Universal!
Fuck Starz Media LLC!
Fuck Hasbro Studios LLC!

These vile pieces of dog shit just destroyed quuboid's "Ultimate 80s-90s Retro Cartoon Intros List (Part 3)"! Maybe they should post the theme songs themselves if they can't stand somebody else doing it! I await the day the angry mobs come for them with boxcutters and spill chunks of blood all over the place! Death to these corporations!

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul Fowler is a complete asshole who once accused me of stealing a Juice Newton video which I certainly did not do!

He has dystonia doesn't he? I'd say he has douchebaggery as well! And soon he can add CANCER to the list and it will eat away at him slowly and painfully! I only wish I could be there to see the YEARS of torment on his face before dying in the most brutal painful manner possible! Good riddance to garbage like him!

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


If you want to have pop up ads next to the videos, fine. Having pop up ads WITH SOUND AUTOMATICALLY coming on is NOT fine! Until you fix this I will not be coming back to your piece of shit website and I hope you pieces of crap get AIDS for allowing those piece of shit ads as well along with them!

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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I hope Amazon burns these motherfuckers straight to hell for using a poorly made mirror site of them! Iraq has more integrity than the dipshits running hk94!

2:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's add a FUCK YOU FORTUNE.COM while we are at it for all of their misleading bullshit!

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Also, Fuck for changing their layout to something so fucking shitty that it causes EXTREME slowdown! Biggest waste of space of a porn site ever!

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck! Another worthless hack website runned by plagiaristic assholes! Hopefully they get hacked and plagiarized soon!

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alannah Myles is a sad individual who thinks she can reclaim her "glory" years by removing people's videos about her. Talk about fall from grace, more like fall from a NASA shuttle if you ask me!

Also, fuck her label Atlantic! Stupid shit label hasn't done anything good in years! They will burn!

10:26 PM  
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2:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seraphs07 on Jan 29, 2015

Columbus City Hall has had a jealous streak for Cleveland and Cincinnati since the mid-50's. Everything with them is about trying to out perform these other cities. While Columbus has grown in size (through forced annexation practices), they still lack in many of the arts, cultures and events that the other two cities do have. An NFL football team is definitely one of them. Sure, Columbus can boast having an NHL team (Blue Jackets but who really cares). What they don't have is any legitimate professional baseball, basketball, and of I firmly believe that if the day comes where Columbus can steal away one of our teams, they most definitely will.

This could be the first steps!

4:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland!

Fucking cunts deserve to burn into the ground for what they've done to certain videos on Youtube!

2:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goddamn stupid grammar error! My message is actually suppose to say...

Yo, I came here to say FUCK FORWARDPROGRESSIVES.COM and their fucking bullshit! I can't wait till they burn in hell!

2:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"fuck you atomic lite!
fuck you safari!!

and especially FUCK YOU OPERA MINI!!!

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You can also add...

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Add me to the...



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8:56 AM  
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Revengeancer2.0 says to BirthinNature

You didn't grow up in that region, you're lacking antibodies indigenous to that region, and you're compromising your baby's health just to live out some incredibly stupid fantasy that makes you believe you're closer to Nature. You let your false sense of spirituality outweigh the well-being of your own child, and you absolutely should be ashamed of yourself. You are a selfish mother who risked her child's health for a conversation piece.

This is where you respond "but women have been giving birth naturally for thousands of years." Yeah, and while they were doing so, they were dreaming of sanitary buildings called hospitals that provide antibiotics, pain medicine, and people trained in modern medicine to protect both the mother and child.

This isn't a joke -- I truly think you're a horrible mother. I can't believe how selfishly deluded you are.

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Revengeancer2.0 says to Heavenly

You're too stupid to reason with. Sure, drop your babies in a river. I hope it feels like some sort of spiritual adventure for you. All I see is a selfish adult needlessly endangering the life of a child, but hey, I guess that makes me malicious.

Telling me to "fuck off" because I see a woman endangering the life of her newborn because she wants to have a "natural birth?" Want a tissue, dear?

Honey, here's the truth: Fuck you for being an ill-educated cunt who is too opinionated to discern fact from claim. Your type of thinking is hurting the world, whereas all I'm saying is to give a child every right to be healthy in this world. You really wanna try to degrade me for that? Good luck, princess.

"There is nothing endangering about having a child anywhere else other than a hospital."

You're either stupid or trying to troll. Hey, you're a child with an anime avatar and you call yourself "Heavenly." No offense, but you have no credibility. I have a Masters Degree.

Keep going, really. I like this.

Would you like a tissue, sweetie?

The only thing that stings here is that a child with no education is trying to tell me that it's okay to endanger the life of a child.

What do you want me to do, post my transcripts? You're a Goddamn moron.

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Add me to the...



All the ignorant fucks who run these poorly runned web browsers all deserve aids! Especially fucking Opera Mini!!!!!!"

Now you can add a FUCK SILK WEB BROWSER to the list of crashing piece of shit browsers!!!

I thought I had a good thing going with Silk too...

2:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It is YouTube's fault the videos are blocked in the USA. Here is the proof.

Hi James,
Sorry i missed your logical deadline, but i have been
away. The reason our videos are blocked in the USA is because YouTube
have recently launched YouTube Red. When they launched this, they
changed their policies. They see our videos as premium content and
therefore have removed them for free. We have challenged this and have
not placed them on the paid for service. We are trying to get it sorted
so our fans can continue to watch our great videos in the way we
intended when we uploaded them to YouTube.

All the best
The Eagle Team"

FUCK GOOGLE YOUTUBE!!! The day they get taken, will the greatest day ever!

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to ggg 37

"you are sexist"

Message to Lidku Simpson

"It's called typing fast retard... (in response to comment on "Misty | A History")"

Message to VengefulSage

"Just die in a fire."

Messages to Hole Recogniser

"I guess you ignored the part where she specifically said, 2% were young men of combat age without families? Mr. Carson tried to paint all Syrian refugees as young violent men with no ties to family who were potential terrorists. The truth is that all but 2% of the Syrian refugees who are male are without family and of combat age - the truth is that over half of the Syrian refugees are children, elderly women, and families. You want every one to swallow the steaming pile of paranoia the GOP has been defecating all over the media, but literally almost nothing they have been saying is true.

Thank you for proving the point for me - you literally cannot accept reality, instead you imagine me to be as sick and low-minded as you are and accuse me of your own crime. Am i some how inferior for being Nihonjin? What an interesting white supremacist comment you offer, again - proving the point for me. You suffer from your racism and it just sort of spilled out in your comments. Racism actually stems from a lack of education, a lack of perspective, and a deep insecurity of your own that you seek to compensate by attempting to degrade others. Sadly for you, the color of your skin and who your parents were can never excuse your own stupidity sir.
Since you attempted a racist lie i may as well address it. i have absolutely no qualms toward any one based on the color of their skin, i DO have issues with stupidity and racism such as yours, however."

Message to JW's BulletsNBlades

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Message to Ly Yang


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Messages to TheAdultChild101

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oh and by the way.....if you dont like the lgbt and their approach to gaining human dignity...TOUGH SHIT!"

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9:47 AM  
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9:57 AM  
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Fanatic. You are a fearful pup, probably carrying guns to the tea bag rally..."

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7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Those three (or four) nigs should be beaten, tortured and maimed for this!

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5:57 AM  
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5:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to Helldog6

"No, you didn't. It was only after I buried you where you stood that you lied about that. That's NOT a fallacy either. It's you trying to cover your tracks after getting your ass beat like a drum by me.

Also, it does matter that nobody has agreed with you because it only shows that every can see that you're wrong and that you'll never admit what evidence has already been shown. So save your fallacy bullshit, when you couldn't even use it correctly unlike I could with you.

You're just another sad pussy online who will keep posting and deny that he's lost despite the fact that you did because you DIDN'T post what you said you did until after I smashed you. Save that weak smartass "nice try" comment when I succeeded with what I did to you. You can't say "nice try" unless the person fails, dumbass. That's like watching some1 score a basket on you and then saying "nice try" when the person made the shot. LOL So nice try with that, kid.

Take your own advice about faking ignorance along with you faking your confidence liked you'd ever debate someone this hard offline. Behind your computer is the only place where you'd act like you have balls and pretend that you're not wrong after being proven so.

Now that I beat you again, I'm gonna block your stupidity from replying to me. You're so dumb that you'll pretend like that somehow means you've won but you didn't. I don't have time to debate faceless morons online who would never have the balls to debate me in real life. That's the tactic of a troll and a loser. I gave you plenty of chances to being a man with me but you failed and looked weak. A strong man would have said, "you know what, fair enough" but you're too much a pussy in your real life that you can't stand not being able to win online either.

Don't think that I didn't figure you out, dork. I'm way smarter than you and sniffed you out because I', good at physiology, which you should take a class in. You weren't even smart enough to approach this debate with fresh tactics, even though tactics in general don't win arguments. Only works on the weak who never admit fault when the proof is there for everyone to read. Which is WHY nobody agreed with you. You can't pretend you're right and 100 people are wrong. Don't bring up the world being flat shit either, that tactic also bombs every time a moron like you tries to play that card because it was never proven, just assumed, unlike what you said here that IS proven. So majority opinion matters, even if you choose to ignore the evidence.

I probably lost you by now because you're not on my level so good luck and nice try. ;) Nobody will see your reply and it won't matter because your last one didn't even top mine because lying doesn't rebound you from lying about facts. Take the ass whoopin like a MAN for once. Prove me wrong!"

5:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Messages to TheSupersam619

"You're a moron"

"2 things. 1) English is not my first language nor is it my 2nd. I also do know how to write most words. The 'mistakes' making me dumb are called typo's. I do know there is no m in irrelevant. And there is this one thing which finishes words in your place... Have you heard about it??
2) You commenting on nothing but the shell of my comment instead of the content does show you don't know what to say, and you leaving under these circumstances do not make you the mature one. It's like punching one in the face, and than quickly driving off in your car. You don't do that and than say ''ho i'm the mature one cuz I evaded a fight.'' doing that you are a coward bitch.
Go on deny it, maybe you won't comment back but you'll read it and we will all remember you as the coward."

Messages to Kubanito2020

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"your just a horny fag"

Also this guy apparently likes to suck Kubanito2020 dick!

2:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to Janie Archur

"Are you a troll account or what, because I can't imagine how someone could be this stupid in real life. You know Madonna had the highest grossing tour last year? And Michael Jackson has the highest selling record of all time? Beyonce covered Prince on her tour? Lady Gaga, M83, Owl City, Katy Perry all draw inspiration and use sounds from the 80s. Just because you don't listen to that area of music doesn't mean that it doesn't exist."

Note to "C" (the guy who wrote that message): Yes, Janie is that stupid and deserves to have her throat slashed just like any of today's BIGGER morons and BIGGER greedier assholes! The technology today is great, but alot of other things, not so much. Our country is going to be the next Rome at the rate we're going!

Message to superstr5

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And here are some more assholes who deserve to have their throats slashed, especially the first one!

And finally the mass of stupidity known as...

10:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing like exposing the stupidity of Vince McMahon Jr. cocksuckers who'll believe his bullshit over the more respected Dave Meltzer. Especially that waste of space "Tribal Masked James" who deserves to be beaten to death by those 13 and 14 year old female limeys!

Message to Tribal Masked James

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"You're the same as the "umad bro" kids. You're worse than a Roman fan."

Message to kenthegamer

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Message to Captain Spider-Man

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9:32 AM  
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9:07 PM  
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And the biggest cunt of them all!

4:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to Kissai Sith Jen'ari

"While it would be easy to run circles around you because you are ignorant and wrong, this channel and video are not designed for that purpose. Due to your follies you must be blocked from commenting. In the future, just watch and learn, or else go where you feel your ignorance is best sheltered."

Another ignorant motherfucker who needs his hands chopped off!

7:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to Ghostbutersreturn

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And the biggest faggots of them all! These east coast bias pieces of shit need to be nailed to a cross and left out in a desert full of vultures!

As it goes without saying FUCK THE HUFFINGTON POST!!!

And while I'm at it, fuck Ask Leo! and fuck Quartz_City too!

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boy, we sure got a lot of assholes and retards to post here!

From random dipshits! stupid jackholes who make a big deal about who the lead singer of Cascada is fucking that NOBODY cares about!

Messages to jlc7300

"Too lazy to search OP-1 in google?"

"I wonder whether Jasmine is laughing as much at that comment as I am. Laughing, because, you see, she was born in and has grown up in central London, and consequently is (surprise!) fluent in English and has a well educated English accent. Always a good idea to investigate the singer`s channel (clicking on "About" is helpful) even just a little, before posting a comment along those lines..."

"Surely,simply because someone may not be sounding AMERICAN is no reason to automatically assume that English is not in fact their first language. If you do tend to make that assumption though, all the more reason for taking to the trouble of clicking on About, even with the NEW youtube format!"

"wow you're GAY and stupid asshole."

...hey we got Lady Gaga fanatics that Gaga would shit all over since she only cares about their moolah!

Messages to Klara (

"Who cares if Madonna is ugly or not? That's rich coming from a Gaga fan, because Gaga isn't so much of a top model either, and her music promotes tolerance. Her own fans don't seem to get the message obviously. And just because something/someone is celebrated by the media doesn't mean you should just follow without even questioning yourself. That only makes you a sheep.?"

"Gaga saved millions of lives, yeah right. Maybe she helped troubled or bullied teenagers but please, saving lives, I think you're the one to worship her a little bit too much. And what's wrong about having a gay fanbase? Have you ever been to a Madonna concert? There are not only gay men, and even if it was it doesn't make her less of an artist. All of those popstars, Gaga, M, Britney and others have a lot of gay fans. I can't see what's wrong with that.?"

2:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...idiotic and braindead Mega Man and Resident Evil fans who still live in their parent's basement!

Messages to Randy Williams (

"That jingle must toll 4 your lack of focus on the fact of the matter because what matters is Mega Man really believed that was Wily and was about to shoot him dead so the fact remains that Mega Man chose a course of action that would've resulted in the end of what he believed to be Wily+you must be thinking of Mega Man 3 because that's the one that has the initial fake Wily before the final Wily that's real and Mega Man 7's final Wily battle is never revealed to be a fake when Mega Man makes the decision though he never gets to open fire on him because Bass & Treble show up to pilfer the doc at the last second after the ceiling collapsed!?"

"Bitterness? I'm not the one who used all caps in response to anything that was said!
Be that as it may, never mind my exclamation point fetish here; it's hard enough to convey the real status of one's reply online, be it with leisure intent or great conviction proceeding any attempt to scorn the 2nd party!?"

...and we've got the biggest assholes of them all right here!

Message to the corporate music label loving cocksucker known as CrystalShannon713!

"Wow, please throw yourself off a tall building.?"

Also, fuck Vlaamse Radio- En Televisieomroeporganisatie and NBCUniversal Japan and the nazi division of the biggest cunts of them all, Sony as well! They can join their cocksucking assholes at EMI down there!

And fuck Google and all of there bullshit, especially the bullshit where you have to enter a code or wait a while in order to continue using their search engine! I wish nothing more than cancer on ALL their pathetic asses!

And fuck blogspot for their 4,096 character limit bullshit!

2:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Messages to the Wizard of Ass

"Yet, it is an opinion thinking Doug is being fake when he is just being himself, as there's many people who emote with their hands whilst being passionate about things."

"Let's see how you can do a Top List of Worst Films."

"The reason he's acting like he's talking to a camera is because he IS talking to a camera!"

"How old are you anyways? No one is this dumb"

Message to sho date

"You fucking nerdy twat UP THE RA!!!"

Messages to reaebedbenyah

"You are delusional and in dire need of treatment for your mental illness. Make no mistake "god" is fake, you have been deceived and tricked into believing mumbo jumbo fantasy fiction and need to stop believing in bronze age mythology"

"fuck your god and fuck you too"

Message to EasyThere Pilgrim

"Wow, you really are as dumb as you look."

And we've got the fucking nerdy twats of LSUSMC, TOYOTA, Uncle Tuna and that waste of sperm Mike Kane from this site below:

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to Hamut Stavonski

"Being married and having a 3 year old daughter doesn't mean you aren't low IQ. I stand by my comment."

Messages to the waste of sperm known as nWoWolfpacTV2016

"People aren't stupid anymore and the internet exist...nobody just only watches one thing no more you dumb fucking piece of shit"

"Shut up bitch your name is NWO wolf pack you dumb fuck do you not know time passes and shit change....Russo was wrong, Styles is getting massive pop every where....K.O. got over in less than a year in WWE so did Punk and they are no where as known initially as A.J. Styles"

"I don't give a fuck about talking like one of you dumb ass don't know how life work ass white boys....I'm right...A.J. Styles merchandise is selling out and he is getting loud sit on the internet using words like smark and all that BS cause other people use are bland and you are a copycat bitch"

Message to uistbhoy88

"You are GAY."

More assholes with low IQ's!

2:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And now I present the horror that is the worst pieces of shit ever on the internet, Twitter posters who are to stupid to realize that Vince McMahon and his gang of creative retards have squandered Roman Reigns career, not to mention Roman not having the balls to stand up to Vince's bullshit like Ken Shamrock did when they tried to get him to do an incest angle even if it meant being booked to having a losing streak for a couple of months! And of course, ratings and stock are still in the shitter! Especially the first two wastes of semen!

Also, fuck the Japan Daily Press and all their bullshit articles!

Fuck CNS "news". They are not news, they are a conspiratorial echo chamber for feeble minded conservative american puppets with no thoughts of their own.

FUCK USA TODAY... Plain and simple.

FUCK DISQUS for not having an "load ALL comments" button!

And FUCK YOUTUBE for the same reason as Disqus and for having videos on the sidebar not related to the video being watched that's hard to ignore!

And fuck all other websites that have all these sidebar bullshit as well! All of you deserve the Zika Virus especially the pieces of shit at the Daily Mail UK!

2:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And fuck you blogspot for forcing me to post my last rant as 2 messages instead of one despite not going over the 4,096 character limit! And fuck you for not even showing how much is left when typing for that matter! You ignorant fucks deserve DOUBLE the Zika!

3:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Messages to tons of fucking pieces of shit who deserve to be paralyzed from the neck down at

"LOL....The REDSTATE INBREDS back another Romney....and McCain........and Jefferson HEE....!!!!"

"there are some nice interactive graphs(53(cool)to play around with here.
i don't think the comparison to reagan is apt.
reagan came across as good natured, regardless what you thought of his later policies.
trump comes across as combative, angry.
trump will do very well with non college educated whites, especially males, but college educated white males will be less favorable to him.
and college educated white females are very negative toward trump.
hispanics, blacks, asians, are negative on trump.
as a matter of fact, i don't think trump will end up being the gop nominee.
at the convention, his socalled pledged delegates will abandon him, or he won't get a majority on the first ballot."

And fuck America Online too!!! I don't know how those worthless pieces of shit are still breathing after all these years!

5:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to Di Lung Move it Ya Fool!

"fuck you"

And fuck these ignorant shits as well!

6:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Messages to killersheaven82

"The most idiotic point of view I've ever read in my life. You idiot, do you think they would turn down millions of dollars just to put their games on multi plats? NO! especially with their 50,000 salary. Plus almost all indie games are multi plats especially with the current generation. And even if their games are exclusive to 1 platform there is a reason they're called independent developers, they don't have a parent companies that tell them what and what not to do, it's INDEPENDENCE. And one more thing to add they're exclusives because they don't find support on the other platforms whether it's from the company or the community. And please keep your one cent no one is asking for it especially Indie developers with their increasing up to 161% salary from 2012, and claiming that 99% of them are shit just shows your value, I bet you say that about every exclusive that you can't play on your system, because I highly doubt you played more than 5% of all indies if not less."

"wow we are people that try to make games and hope to be successful and if we get successful then we got lucky and we can do even better next time. So when you insult indie game makers you insult me and millions of others. And btw indie devs can program and make games which is something you could never do but we can because with the way you look at it you're just a fucking jealous prick. before i made my own games i had the best time playing indies so fuck you asshole."

Message to Lord Touch Me

"wow, are you dumb."

Message to JayTechTV

"Lol, you kick me out of the party for no damn reason at all? Kill yourself nigger XD Have fun with social rejection byeeee."

Messages to Mojo Siesta

"You must be blind or a compulsive liar. Look at this thread more carefully and tell me if you see any links to anything moron."

"There are no links to anything so go troll someone else with your lying ass. You sit up here and make accusations about 300% boost and yet have no evidence supporting your claim smh. You definitely now fit the profile of a fanboy by making shit up, and now continuing to comment on here even though you haven't done anything to prove anything. You are pathetic."

Message to Majora-Jedi

"You're the ignorant type of person who thinks anything you come dislike is trash/bad. You didn't give any viable reasons/facts that those shows are worth your hate comments. And you can't give a fair review of anything without experiencing the whole thing. Your comment "their stories are awful" is really vague and just looks to be your opinion.I believe no anime is prefect and SAO/Tokyo Ghoul has their own flaws. It is fine that you don't like said "Thing" , just try not be so rude about it."

Messages to alex sapra

"dude you're such a fucktard and a shameless dipshit. You said that he hacks, or cheated, but he actually did not cheated since he glitches for that, then people told you the truth about it, and you chose to ask people to shut the fuck up and go fuck themselves. How old are you, 6?"

"If you manage to get killed by these you should go suck a fart out of an ass"

Messages to Winston Poptart

"Bro you are dumb most of the people you named were explained in the games that they are dead or if you're a real batman fan they died in the arkham comics"

"brony sympathizer detected, eat a cock"

Two more blind morons!

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are 7 more shameless dipshits that can go eat a cock, especially the first fucktard!

And fuck gold1networks and UMG while we're at it! Those two cocksuckers deserve impalelation!

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Go fuck yourself you little fucking faggot motherfucker.?"

Messages to OtterloopB

"Fucking idiot... PC games are not only tower defense and mmos... all console games are put on PC. Also, DLC is free. Modding is also easier. Stop being such an ignorant bitch and open your eyes.?"

"I usually don't go out of my way to hate on someone's beliefs either, but when some ignorant christian comes in and tells everyone that science is false... That's when I can tell you fit into the "Stupid Motherfucker" category. It isn't even christians that are a problem. It's the bigots like you that go around arrogantly proclaiming that you are right and science is false. Go die in a hole.?"

Message to NugatorySheep

"Did you even read that comment? Apparently, you need a TL:DR version...

Telling people they are wrong for not believing the same beliefs as you doesn't make you a "messenger of god". It makes you a douchebag who can't accept a difference in opinions...?"

Message to joseph linden

"It looks as if this poor pathetic fuck Joseph has nothing better to do than stalk people on videos he doesn't belong in.?"

Message to those lying hypocritical pieces of shit known as The Suplah - News and Reviews

I KNOW RIGHT! It's like well, why do videos for people you think are idiots? YOU ARE DOING A PODCAST.....FOR FANS YOU THINK ARE IDIOTS.....LIKE WTF DOES THAT MAKE YOU? DON'T TELL ME IT'S CAUSE YOU LOVE TALKING ABOUT WRESTLING OR NONE OF THAT BS. I LOVE TALKING BOUT WRESTLING TOO BUT I DONT NEED TO DO A PODCAST. I TALK TO MY FAMILY ABOUT IT. REALLY WISH YOU STOP OR LEAVE CAUSE IT'S PUSHING ME AND ONE OF MY FRIENDS THAT WATCH AWAY FROM THIS SHOW THAT I LOVED FOR SO LONG, BUT YOU SAM ARE SUCH A DICK SIGH.... YOU KNOW I'VE NEVER SAID ANYTHING BAD TO YOU BEFORE, ONLY NICE THINGS ABOUT THIS SHOW, SO TO BE CALLED AN IDIOT EVERY DAMN WEEK IS PISSING ME OFF! 1 Fucking guy! Why I still watch the raw and nxt reviews. Don't think I can much longer. At least tell me JakeysBeats what I did to you to be called an idiot. That's BS! I'VE ONLY EVER SUPPORTED THE SHOW. At first I just shrugged it off. Figure maybe he's only talking about some fans that trash you in which case, address them, but you're not saying some fans are idiots, you keep saying FANS I DON'T APPRECIATE THAT! Know what.....You just lost one of your not very big fan base and I'm sure you'll lose more if you keep insulting all the fans. With luck maybe you'll stay off the main suplah show so I can still watch that or maybe Carmine will go back to being on the shows by himself cause that's when I enjoyed it most. Unlikely. So unfortunate but I'm not gonna keep tuning in to be called an idiot! Hell I would be if I do so. I'm not.

Message to I Hate Everything

"If you hate everything, you must have an onset of depression. The mental illness. Not the emotion. Get yourself checked out.?"

Messages to hilario flores

"At least Miami has all American players, whereas Los Spurs have players from foreign lands. San Antonio has five players who were from different teams, which goes against a built dynasty. From your comment, "fuck you your dads fucked u in the ass to make you spew such hate only faggot miami heat fans would say some shit like this", sounds like YOU were the one buttfucked. How is someone saying a person flopped so hateful, compared to what you said. NEXT TIME USE PROPER GRAMMAR AND CAPITALIZE THE BEGINNING OF A SENTENCE. DO NOT FORGET TO USE PERIODS AND COMMAS.?"

"You sound like a boastful fibber. I'm willing to wager you couldn't even hurt Bob Sapp you feckless ninny!"

Message to batmandeltaforce

"you are an idiot..get your head back in the sand and shut up!"

Message to Peter Kolev


Message to graham lionel

"charlamagne is a faggot and so are you?"

5:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Messages to dsadad21

"Game programming is not for beginners. If you don't even know how to open common file types, or you can't even look up how to open common file types, how fucking lazy are you, just google "how to open rar files" and you'll get your answer in 10 seconds you dumb fuck. I didn't answer your dumb fucking question because you could have figured it out if you had half a goddamn brain. Here you go, since you're so slow."

"Full time software engineer intern who doesn't know how to open rar files. Wow you're in aerospace. I hope they give you a janitor position so you don't accidentally kill anyone.?"

Messages to Youtube LTD

"You have no idea who I am, or what constitutes a "dude." Also, I singled out no one, so I'm hardly being mean to anyone. So, kindly, piss off."

"Yup, it just shows us the level of brain damage you received when your mother birth you out of her ass and you hit your head on the bottom of the shit pit you now live in."

Messages to Benjamin Filbert

"Fuck you with your SJW bullshit man. There's plenty of white people who are oppressed in their countries around the world. This is a police issue."

"hush up you ugly bastard."

Messages to that piece of shit King Possum who should say his shit to the 99% he thinks are idiots while they all point a gun towards his head!

"Unless you want to shut down the tens of thousands of military surplus stores across the United States and tear up the US constitution, American citizens can wear whatever the fuck they want, as long as they aren't impersonating a government employee (cop, soldier) for material gain.

And for the last time, I WAS A SOLDIER AND WE BOUGHT OR OWN UNIFORMS. Unused uniforms are sold in bulk to surplus dealers. Take your self-righteous bullshit and shove it back up your own ass.

If you even made enough money to PAY fucking taxes, and not get it all back come tax season, you probably wouldn't have the time or inclination to make up bullshit about the military on YouTube.

That FICA deduction on your paystub doesn't mean shit to me.

tl;dr Go fuck yourself."

"King Possum, are you really this stupid? No one is saying you can't wear whatever the fuck you want. What you can't do is wear the uniform to commit fraud. You don't get arrested for wearing the uniform and pretending you have 1st amendment rights to do so. You get arrested for fraud."

"You're a dumbass for thinking it's your American right to wear a uniform you never earned. Where people have died while wearing that uniform, and you'd be wearing it just go get noticed. Obviously you're going to argue with me and say I'm wrong because you'll never understand. And that's fine. Because your American right to continue being ignorant is being protected by those who have died while actually wearing that uniform they have earned."

"dang, reading through youtube comments are just -_-

lets make this simple. why is it wrong. You say its not wrong unless he was taking money right? Then by your definition, he is wrong, cause he WAS technically stealing money by pretending to be a soldier to get free discounts. See where we are getting at? Now why isn't it in the video? Cause the video is only supposed to show how the veteran proved the faker was not. All other outside information can be easily found by
1. Google search
2. Reading the comments even

If you have refused to do that or done so but does not acknowledge the truth, then you are being willfully ignorant, thus making your argument invalid"

And fuck Blogspot for NOT having a way to find out how many characters are left! I hope you Blogspot dipshits get aids!

5:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to Reginald Pippin

"sorry to break your sicko homo fantasy but he's in protective custody.?"

Message to Wrestling Stuff

"Grow up"

Message to Joey G

"Only people with IQs below 10 talk in all caps,. so congratulations on being a retard?"

Message to David (of Yahoo!)

"Social media doesn't have to identify people. If you think that there aren't anonymous people on Twitter and Facebook you are stupid. And yes, this is social and it is media. You're wrong."

Messages to AGURNE ALEIX

"you are literally so dumb"

"Someone is probably an obsessive lesbian fan lol do us a favor go get a picture of Paige & play with yourself to it lol unless you already do that ?????"

Message to ElBribri

"Jajajajajajajajjajaja fuck you.?"

Messages to DeathclawAlphaMale

"See, I actually did read your fucking comment, lol I'm not ignorant believe it or not, I thought that you were basing your comment on people who hate her and make her more popular even though you just did that! Why don't you read your comment "pal"?."

"Hey asshole, I read your comment and you give me pure shit, fuck you, and fuck your entire life and I look forward to seeing die in a hole"

"Well now that you called me a bitch, thank you.................................fucker?"

Message to Just Some Guy

"no-one asked for your opinion when you first made the comment dumbass, that's how opinions work you fucktard, you just give them!
although i wouldn't expect anyone who's dumb enough to watch WWE's bullshit to get that fact.?"

Messages to ac2player

"You're only continuing to display your ignorance on the matter."

"Upset? Who's getting upset? You appear to be getting more agitated than I am, however it is sort of hard to tell over a message board, so I may be mistaken about that as you were. And you can "feel" however you want about any subject, but that doesn't make your opinion on it factually correct. I'll always be glad to point that fact out to you or anyone who needs it pointed out to them, however it's not my responsibility to educate you on the actual facts, especially if you are so set in your uninformed ways. It's up to you if you want to educate yourself, and if you don't then I'll just continue to laugh at your misguided attempts to formulate a coherent argument (something you haven't done, you've only said I'm wrong without any backup), and life will go on."

Plus 15 more ignorant motherfuckers!

5:26 AM  
Blogger Dexter Peabody said...

All my videos are shit?
I might be offended, if ever in my life I made a video.
Sober up.

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Dexter Peabody

Choke on your boyfriends cum Muslim lover! And after you die, your brains get blown out!

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Dexter Peabody

And this is the "Fatt Guy" that response is fall you virgin cunt!

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Dexter Peabody

And this is the "Fatt Guy" that response is for you virgin cunt!

(fucking blogspots lack of message edit!)

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Messages to that retarded fuck who deserves to be beaten to death with a pipe BygPhattyPlus

"What is an assault weapon? If you are talking about a weapon capable of automatic or burst fire those require a $200 tax stamp from the ATF a lengthy background check, finger prints and the cost of the weapon itself range from $10k - $30k. If you are talking about a semi auto center fire rifle well then you are showing your ignorance on firearms and the intent of 2A"

"Except this game released on the ouya long ago. Which, pro tip, was before goat simulator. I mean, if you had half a cell in your head, you'd be able to figure this out before leaving retarded comments all over the Internet."

Message to Wild Bill for America

"typical dumb american"

Message to charlie2dogs

"What do you do just go around and comment on peoples videos as a government shill? Look at your channel. Do you think for one minute your view on matters even matter or make a difference? Your a bum who can't even get one subscriber; but, you don't care about that do you? Just doing your job huh? By the way, no you didn't comment on any of my videos. Just wanna let you know that I know lol. Good day to you sir."

Messages to that dickwad he wouldn't have the balls to pull out his guns if surrounded by hookers armed with tommy guns NCLUSA

"No, Adam Lanza did not have a 100% kill ratio. He missed with almost half his rounds, left three wounded, let six kids run right by him and only hit targets at near-point blank range. Thank you for showing your ignorance."

"Lanza did not have a "100% kill ratio" (that is a word for word Hoaxer quote that comes from a Hoaxer named Mike Powers who claimed to be a former Navy SEAL but was lying about that. He started the whole "Adam Lanza shot better than Navy SEALs" line of bullshit). As my post pointed out to you, idiot, is that Lanza was a horrible shot. No one is trying to pretend that he was Audie Murphy in the school. If 16 of his victims hadn't been crammed into a little room, his kill total would have been much smaller. He could not even conduct SPORTS properly which is why half empty magazines were found on the ground at the school. Thank you for showing your ignorance once again."

"As opposed to the racist neo-nazis who support Trump and who could not spell GED let alone possess one. Only those with an IQ below 100 would believe that Trump would make a good President."

"that Trump supporters are morons as you prove on a daily basis."

"thank you for proving my point. BTW, it is spelled "blah"."

"more ignorance from the moron."

"just calling you a moron. Simple fact."

Message to cocksucking whore The Madone

"shame on you Brits pedofile suporter"

Messages to jamestoni

"your still leaving crap on peoples profiles? lol get a life ffs you pathetic scummy little orange cumstain"

"What an original insult from you, really shows that strong inbred ulster-scots heritage lol"


You would think you could have learned to spell paedophile by now.Its your favourite word and, just lets the world know how thick and sick you are."

Messages to letmetellya

"traitorous cocksucker!"

"take your meds and fuck yourself."

Messages to Dread Knot

"and i love to piss and shit in your shit mouth to disinfect you"

"may you die a dog's death"

"ok it's a fairy tale when the angel of death takes your soul then you will find out my Lord wasn't joking your gonna burn in hell for eternity"

Message to xlReGaRdLeSslx

"white people do live and shop in Rowland heights.... Jackass. Mostly Asian community... But I've seen whites..."

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Messages to Sergio Navarro

"Tidal starts at $9.99 a month, same price as Spotify. The problem with you people is that you're stupid.The lossless option is just an option, why would you be mad at there being an extra option at a higher price? It's as stupid as getting mad at BMW for making an M3 when you can buy a 316i if you're not interested in high performance. If you're not interested if high fidelity sound just get the standard $9.99 option. Problem solved."

"As for your TLOP nonsense, I see you didn't mention Compton being released exclusively on Apple lol, but I guess that's ok? If you had a brain you'd see it's a case of big corporations beating up on small companies and strangling the industry which is not good for the consumer. Use your brain and stop falling for the bullshit and being manipulated so easily by huge corporations who do not have your best interests at heart."

Message to MrKobe87

"ur a major queer"

Messages to Khaled iKhm

"are you retard or what? This is original title from stopham channel. there have a lot of videos named "islam and...". Also they hawe same videos with Oksana - "Oksana and ..."

"Ahahahah son you just went full retard."

"Islam is the guys name, you sensitive entitled little bitch. go cry somewhere else, fucking idiot"

"hey idiot, it's the guys name. his name is Islam"

More idiots who are on full retard mode!

More dipshits who need their throat ripped out making a big deal about thumbs up/thumbs downs!

Cowardly motherfuckers who have disabled their discussion page!

"Naana Somiah" at

"sam nelson" at

Another fucking ignorant christian who needs to die soon!

Another Stupid Motherfucker bitching about whiners like the hypocrite he is!

And fuck this "Frank Steffens" asshole for causing the deletion of a Andrea Ballschuh video! I hope his ballsack gets chopped off!

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Messages to OfficialDesoDogg​​

"Awe, using "Virgin" as an insult.

Someone doesn't get any pussy do they?

Awe, maybe you'll get some soon, kid.

If you're lucky you won't even have to pay for it.

Try harder cause I'v been on YouTube since '06, little boy.

I know what every insult means when someone else says it and there's no denying it.

You call people virgin because the sad fact of your life is you can't get a girlfriend or anyone for that matter to suck on your centimeter peter."

"You have to be the dumbest person on YouTube.

Like, seriously.

I feel like I'v gotten dumber just replying to you.

Please, for the sake of humanity remain a pimple faced nerd so no woman sleeps with you and you can't have children.

I would hate to see someone with as little intelligence as you have a child because your child would suffer through life because his father is as smart as a rock."

And fuck you stupid assholes at blogspot for not posting this rant up the first time...again!

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message about Stephanie Zacharek

"This lady is a fucking cunt.?"

Message to shaniceslaysurfav's channel

"do you always call random strangers on the internet "whores"? lol you don't even know me you freak. go die idiot"

Message to Flipper85

"blablabla 6"6 240, want proof head to montreal faggot.?"

Message to kalexander20

"How is it suck his dead balls you stupid little shit, he's dead hahahahaha!

Coke doesn't give advantage ROFLTMAO you're ignorant unlike you i read his book, you never read a book in your life! Probert was a cheat like rob ray, Brown or Wilson were true badasses, wilson beat probert btw.?"

Messages to Brian Thiffault

"Lol and you're basing this off of...??"

"That is beyond a stupid comment.?"

Message to Neil DeMause

"The new owner says the Islanders will be in Brooklyn long term and Barclays is our home and your headline says owner is noncommittal about playing in Brooklyn?

Then you write if it doesn’t work out Long Island is still there?

Can you be any more clueless, agenda driven, in denial or inept?

The new owners didn’t spend the money they did to buy NYI to not have a NYC team only to go back to LI which didn’t work and isn’t an option anyway until someone builds an NHL capable arena there which will never happen.

You and your pal Oder continue to look foolish. Last time it was your wacky stance that Barclays is in a tough financial spot when Moody’s says otherwise and the Islanders help it as there aren’t enough high profile concerts to replace the 45+ games a year that NYI fills Barclays.

We get it, you never wanted the arena built. But you lost and it is and nothing will change that.

Your writing is ignorant."

Messages to magusat999

" still don't get it? I understand your want for the game to have more stuff to is definitely misleading, but it is a linear game more or less. It was meant that way, and it is your own fault for wanting it to be otherwise. What is wrong with gamers wanting more from the games? Absolutely nothing. What is wrong is wanting more from a game that doesn't want there to be really is simple. Once again, playing a game does not require thinking. It is the process of putting different aspects of the game, and realizing how they relate to each other to create a whole experience that requires thinking. Therefore, this requires more thinking than let's say GTA...

Oh, and once again, the game would not feel like a movie if cutscenes were not present, so by your comment I had to assume you meant cutscenes, since they drive the story. I guess I was wrong, but there is no hypocrisy there...

And, once again, people really do not accept that it is their own fault for buying a game they would not really is and there is no way of justifying it. It's like with everything...blame everyone except oneself."

"Dear goodness you're so uninformed and pig-headed that it's impossible to even try to tell you the truth."

Message to CharmCitysKing

"You're proud of the fact that you've made 250+ inane ****posts on this forum? You need to get out more."

"Yeah, you're an idiot.?"

Message to Roxanne Freebury

"my mean mouth? I am not selfish. I just present my own opinion. I have right to do that. And by the way it is not just my opinion so you shut your mouth and if you don't like my comments just don't read them. I can write a positive comment and I do it. But these two boys are rubbish.their appeance, how do they present themselves. I can watch and comment whatever I want. sorry but that's it...?"

Message to graffitiheart

"When in fact it's often you being negative about other posters in your comments. I think they call this "hypocrisy""

Message to dz99ls

"Another junk comment, great job"

1:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to easalert88


Message to Mega Man

"you don't even know what a pedophile is don't say a word when you don't know how to use it shit for brains?"

Messages to JJMRA 77777

"Kid if you don't know how the system works and accuse me of misinformation even though this system has been applied to EVERY monster hunter game ever, you need to educate yourself before talking smack?"

"this isnt about getting low level armour, this video is about getting one of the most sought after headpieces in the game, if you want a video on low rank armour, then watch a video on low rank armour....seriously, you lack basic common sense.

if i wanted to find out information on multiplayer for battlefield, i wouldnt watch someones video about the singleplayer, then bitch at them because their video didnt have any multiplayer information.

instead of complaining, why dont you use your brain??"

Message to Carl Cockerham

"Lol you're incorrigible. All those things you just said is useless opinionated dribble without a shred of fact to it."

Message to the waste of sperm known as diamonds and rust

"Yeah, Diamonds, and there wouldn't be any violence at all if Trump would stop encouraging it. First off, Trump's rhetoric is incendiary.
Please see: Halper, Evan. "The Violence At Donald Trump's Rally Is Unwelcome News For Democrats."
L.A. Times. June 3, 2016.
Trump even goes so far as to call for violence at his rallies; Trump has called violence against protesters "appropriate"; Trump even said that violence against protesters at his rallies is "what we need more of."
Please see: Sommer-Dawes, Kate. "All The Times Trump Has Called For Violence At His Rallies."
Mashable March 11, 206.
Even his own fellow Republicans have accused Trump of inciting violence at his rallies.
Please see: Sarlin, Benjy. "GOP Rivals Accuse Donald Trump Of Encouraging Violence At Rallies."
NBC News. March 12, 2016.
So it's lefties who are the ones doing all the violence? Why? All because Chris Christie says that Hillary and Bernie are sending their supporters to disrupt Trump's rallies? Bwahahahaha... Christie wants to be Trump's veep running mate so bad that he spends all day kissing Trump's behind! Now read all the above articles I provided so he "facts [don't] get in your way of [the] lies"."

Message to

"You think fur clothing is a joke. Fuck you.?"

Message to Steve Holsten

"Wrong on both counts, Steve Holsten. There are literally hundreds of videos documenting Sean Hannity's and Michelle Malkin's serial lying, in their own words and not out of context. If that's your idea of turning out fine, then you need more help than they do."

3:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to steveasat2

"aw fucking funny ass hole comment of you to make you dirty fucking filthy inbred piece of shit eating whore face. go get your own fucking life instead of being a sheep and eating where you shit.. for fuck sake.. fuck your ass"

Messages to Chuck D.

"check your history moron.....have u ever seen roots? do u know anyone's history besides America's? do u know who America was named after? do u know anything about black people or native Americans? ....... first off if anything White's owe a lot of people Nd y'all r gonna keep making enemies, Nd not only tht but in history(if u paid attention) people who practice other religions beside Christianity, were killed or beaten until they converted....Nd not only tht but they were forced to be given easier names like John, Bob, Lisa..... u heard of the term "thats my slave name."? plz enlighten me about ur history skills..... because I would love to know why you believe that you're kind is god?"

"and no idiot White's took the land from natives and forced them into thx for making my point on tht, but u got it backwards if u think White's r natives of this land......."

"<<=====This is a ahole don't mind him"

Message to DStecks

"Right back at you. You obviously don't know everything about Sarkeesian, or you're being willfully ignorant. Do you know about her history with pyramid schemes and other shady people? Did you know that she's yet to deliver on her promised content, despite receiving $160,000 when she only asked for $6,000? Did you know that she once said, "You can't be sexist towards men, because sexism requires power + prejudice" (replace 'men' with 'Jews,' and it becomes chillingly neo nazi-sounding), and, "America blasted Japan back to traditional values in World War II; feminism doesn't exist in Japan?"

I can link you to several videos about her. Sure, she makes some good points on the sexism in video games from time to time, but she's extremely misandrist, and she often cherry-picks scenes in games, implying ulterior motives or purposeful misinformation-spreading. There are several videos showing that she has no clue what she's talking about (which makes sense, since she doesn't play video games, despite her claims (which should say more about her lack of credibility). Oh, and she took footage from LP channels without giving credit to the creators. Wasn't that $160,000 supposed to be used to buy and record footage from video games? Then again, I guess doing that'd be hard when you don't play them.

So, I'll assume you didn't know all this, because you do seem like an intelligent person. But, if you do know these things and don't care, it shows that you have a severe lack of morality/severe bias, and frankly I don't want to be subscribed to someone like that. As I said, being an advocate for social justice is great; being a social justice warrior (IE, a reverse neo nazi) is not.

BTW, men get threats online too. Anyone in the public sphere does. It's probably true that women get more rape threats than men, but men can get just as many death threats. Have you seen some of the things people have sent to pro-Gamergaters like TotalBiscuit and Milo Yiannopoulos? Regardless of your thoughts on Gamergate, if you condone that kind of thing, that's disgusting. I'm sick of SJW 'feminists' erasing the shit men have to face and acting like women are the only ones with any problems in this society.

I'd appreciate a speedy response. I need to know if I should un-sub or not. Not meaning to come off as hostile here, and I'll feel like a real idiot if I'm misinformed, but... I really don't want to be associated with SJWs in any way whatsoever, and I'm very skeptical of them, ever since one of my best friends became one."

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to Craig Gomez

"Yeah, I really hate TMZ and all the Felder Chasers that have been endlessly harassing him and stalking him for decades. Damn "poparazzi". And you know what? He could have said, "no comment". Better yet, just kept his fucking mouth shut. But he had to attempt, again, to cross a bridge that one of them didn't want rebuilt. Where was his respect?" He ranted about all this, and how Frey fucked him long, long before Glenn died. You know, in the Don Felder Bible where he plays the karmic "Hippie Jesus". That left "subtle" clues on how he felt. You know, "I just ant peace and love, man, doobs and groovy music, and oh yeah, a bigger and equal share of the money Henley/Frey have made me, and still do today". And just for the record, exactly where was this pre-Eagle career you speak of? Or really after for that matter. So even though everything he has is due to Frey-and Henley-you may have heard that they got to where they really, really disliked each other. In any case, he is under no law where he has to speak on Glenn's passing. You know, respect his dislike of you, and just, well, shut the fuck up. Been using him and his equal partner so long, he just HAD to use him again, "one more time". Oh, sorry, wrong ex. And by the way, I wasn't kicking the man that was down, the man that died, the man in my favorite band you dumbass. Can you comprehend English? I was knocking the hypocrite looking for a 16th minute. And really, if all this is so "ad nauseum", why the fuck did he have to open his mouth and say it all again?"

Message to wayneo1269

"Which gets dumber with every read, as all your comments do. Go away."

Message to Matthew Kelly

"You are a complete idiot! Your views make no sense whatsoever!"

Message to TOMMY GUNN

"YOU....... are just an idiot who uses the relative anonymity of social media to project your ignorance, just comments without justification. Like GFYS and POS would be an understatement."

Messages to Elana Vital

"That's not what I've said. I've said, I don't need authority to address you by name. Again, are you drunk, drugged or both?"

"Boy are you the stupid one! So only law enforcement can call you by name? What planet do you live on?"

"No wasn't good was nasty, die please"


"Maybe you need to START reading so that you can learn proper grammar, Warren!"

"Who is "we"? If you're a murderer that doesn't make me one. billions of dipshit humans destroying the earth, doesn't make them part of nature. Like most humans, you're worse than a virus"

omnicd message to crwilso6

"what sounds bitter is your comment. A bit pathetic I must say... I don't care about views. I just have a few thousands on this vid and I'm not promoting it. Get a life, asshole"

Message about that Deadspin fuck Kevin Draper

"The guy just shitposts hot garbage about the Kings every time someone mentions something about Vlade/Boogie/literally anyone who has anything to do with the Kings.
I'm referring to this article in particular, but he's the only writer on deadspin who constantly bashes the Kings. In that article there are some good points to be made, but for the most part he's just catering to readers who want to laugh at a team that isn't theirs."

Messages to q on cbc

"No Jian Ghomeshi, no Q. I have un-subscribed and encourage others to do the same in protest of CBC and in support of Jian. Fuck the CBC and their gutless little lap dog Brent Bambury."

"Q for Quack..let him rot!!"

Message to garfoonga1

"ohhhh you're just a troll. I see you've been spreading your BS in a lot of other places too. Please, go outside into the real world and do something.. maybe your local Starbucks is hiring? You should get a job."

Message to Spycrab777

"lol troll"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Messages to Xavier Paris (Servbot 42)

"DBZ Kai. He only focused on goku and vegeta, did 1 or 2 things for the other characters, so if we get any new characters don't get too hyped. There going to have 1 or 2 things done for them like with Yamcha, Tien, Piccolo, Gohan and is never going to be canon like Broly who has only been in movies and always will. I'm talking canon like cooler Majin Buu characters like those were a 1 in a lifetime and if you say sales don't matter, you must be stupid cause why would someone buy something they don't like and if they do, why would they keep it and if you check, DBZ isn't even in the top 100. It's no where to be found at number 1 OP, 7 Naruto, 16 Fairy Tale, 18 Bleach and on down DBZ fans don't pay attention to it cause they ride there dick way too much.?"

"What you said was the most ignorant sentence I've ever seen in my whole life?."

"Your drunk, go home, you are having trouble speaking."

"The whole sentence. You sir are having trouble speaking."

Messages to R.L. Natch III

"3 months later and R.L still hasn't found the law?"

"You are a despicable piece of shit R.L. Natch III"

"im pretty sure being anti gay is a hate crime....or socially unacceptable....either way you disgust me you festering heap useless droppings from a now extinct classification of aviary that could not evolve itself to survive in modern society due in large part to a great cataclysm?"

Messages to I Kill Thots

"Fucking hell, that isn't even a rollercoaster, go eat shit motherfucker!!"


And fuck you retarded idiots at Blogspot for not posting the Xavier Paris rant the first time around you incompetent pieces of shit who STILL CAN'T EVEN BE BOTHERED TO INCLUDE A HOW MANY CHARACTERS ARE LEFT LIMIT!!!

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Messages ivan rangelov

"You're an idiot. Lol"

"using sarcasm to point out that he didn't watch a video on the week it wasn't available to the public. it takes skill to be that stupid."

Message to Crispy Bacon

"then GOOO stop complaining and don't watch him borderlands is old now nobody really cares they're modding"

Message to feminst supporting cunt that needs to be drained of all his blood disguised as a anti-feminist Joey Slávik

"Then why did you change it you idiot lmao"

Message to Homeless Soldier

"just shut up kid"

Messages to Grumpy McFearsome

"Oh no, you just messed up! You said "stupid fucking posts" So... This counts as a post, right? Bitch you just called your own post stupid"

"You're just a motherfucking hater!"

Messages to SG Producer/G4Evideos

"if you dont like games folder that does not mean all people does not like it you idiot .i love the games folder."

"Yeah only those dumb Americans...and Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Ireland. Oh, and Canada, which you were obviously too dumb to realize was where these pranks were filmed."

"Ur boring"

"Kill yourself..."

More motherfucking haters obviously too dumb to realize what a waste of sperm they are!

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Messages to worthless piece of shit JasonL77

"Sorry, thought you were talking about George Carlin...cocksucker."

"Listen you douche. Worry about something else and get a life. Please do me a favor and shut the hell up for God sake. Nobody cares what YOU think. You got it. Don't let what I say mess your life up just because you don't have one in the first place son."

Message to forgottenpixel

"you need to shut the fuck up that's why you were forgotten you forgotten freak go watch PBS kids you primape"

Messages to stupid cocksucker UnkownSoldier100

"You are the one who should think before posting."

"Omg, just shut up pls. I don't care."

"No one gives a flying f*ck about your "BIOLOGY" so just stop."

Message to EsechavaHD

"what a retard you are."

Message to Travis McDonald

"haha oh are you just saying what everyone else says to try and make it look like you watched it then? we're all on to you clueless"

Message to PhatPat55

"Look, you SJW piece of shit. You don't respond to "micro-aggressions" with "macro-aggressions" or whatever your Stalinist professors call it... Just because he was being "obnoxious" does not mean you have the right to respond with violence... It's called civilization. Animals like you, and trump, should be locked in cages like the animals you are..."

Message to Michael McCurley

"LOL..You hold on to your dream and that ignorant cow Brenda can hold hands as your shown up as the backwards inbreds you are"

Messages to one of the biggest assholes on Youtube of all time and definitely is gonna be beaten to death one day Elefterios Makis

"talk to me when you have money peasant oh and maybe a following on YouTube"

"oh and why don't you make some YouTube videos then we can talk but until then hop off my dick"

"how about lay of the asshole pills for a while"

"you don't know me calling me a faggot go drop dead why don't you what you think of that or just go jump in the lake and have a nice day !!!"

"another common case of twelvism it seems"

"Hey you there, yeah you, shut the fuck up! K! Thanks!"

"I think you rather have a mental illness. just let people do what they want with THEIR bodies. just worry about your own body instead of saying retarded shit like this"

"Everybody knows that you are a scumbag by just looking at you"

Message about that little bitch Nick Zotixx/707zacbuster

"nobody listen to 707zacbuster. he's a little bitch that wants to insult and try to prove that he's right about everything while he insults your intelligence. hes a little troll so don't feed him. ignore him as best as you can even though he WILL NOT shut the fuck up. and if you want send him hate mail of how much of a little bitch he is. that's all :)

signed "the idiot" from what he refers to me as XD"

Message to retarded cocksucker Thoughty2's Suit


Messages to cowardly piece of shit who has disabled his discussion page jpjanonceseis9

"Fuck Off because it's clear that you ae a child. with nothing substantive to offer."

"in addition to that, your hasty arguments are nothing but childish genetic fallacies from the offspring of your ill parents my mentally challenged imbecile. Have a good day"

More cowardly pieces of shit who has their discussion page off!

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to Roboback29

"You are an idiot.. It might not play different then 15.. But it obviously plays different then 25.. because well 15 was a completely different game.?"

Messages to Krillep


"...Did you JUST notice this??"

"you my friend are a moron at least punk could wrestle unlike hogan hogan sucks as a wrestler and suck at the mike punk is beast at the mike he speaks the truth most of the time"

Messages to Papawill13

"I don't know whether to laugh or cry at your stupidity. Star Trek was written with character conflicts from day one.?"

"You sir, are an idiot. The dominion war, the Borg, need I go on? Durrrr?"

Message to Marshall Banana

"Please don't have kids and get off the internet and go outside.?"

Messages to

"does it matter how i spell stuff? this is just the internet ! & nobodys perfect sweetheart . and look at the other comment's no one is spelling or typying anything purfectly...u should really fund a new hobby that does not envloe telling people how 2 type !!! just..saying haha "

"Well, as for me, I can tell you certainly do not use these plugins to make a living out of them and you are definitely no professional mixing engineer, nor do you play any other professional role in the music industry. And yet, here you are displaying your fine gourmet hearing abilities, praising how UAD sounds "a million times better than waves". Yeah, right. And, last but not least, I am 100% sure that none of you guys would survive a blind test. 100% sure.?"

Message to

"I don't see that if you don't like it then screw off but we all know you probably thought it was sexy?"

Message to Crabby Old Gamer

"Stop being a trolling dickwad!?"

Message to Brian Rose

"Brian Rose is a pussy with a pussy team. Wayne didn't kill hip hop and there are more rappers better than snow the border hopper. You obviously never listen to REAL hip hop of today. Or at least unerground.?"

Message to TheSilverPhoenix100

"You're a fucking idiot. Goodbye.?"

Message to Comeback64

"Hey Jackass, I said nothing but compliments about the two. It was my co-host that thinks it was a mistake.?"

Message to Anthony Anderson

"Piss off. Pittsburgh and Proud.?"

Message to Mike Mears

"A set of functioning testicles, apparently"

Message to Dieter Van Houtte

"o sure underutilized treated like dog shit talent that got kick out of wwe shouldnt say anything bad about them, oooo but i bet u are one of those that chant " fuck tna" to a released tna talent who has done a pretty good job in his time in tna. He can say whatever he want it a free country you facist.?"

Message to I WAS BORN IN '92

"man shut up you stupid idiot. He's making sense. Why knock him for making sense.?"

Message to

"maybe your ears don't work??"

Messages to johnsos9

"you know how stupid you sound.?"

"So you are admitting your stupid? Wise move. Go away.?"

Message to Here comes the chase

"drazlee if you stopped watch wrestling purely over the fact that you hate John Cena then your an absolute idiot. What type of person refuses to watch mainly because of one superstar. How idiotic could you get.?"

More absolute idiots as you can get!

And fuck you once again incompetent assholes at Blogspot!

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Messages to HitmonchanYT/Hitmonchan107

"Wow you're not only an anti Semitic scumbag, but a wacko conspiracy theorist to boot. Nothing you said is accurate or makes sense. Seek help immediately.?"

"spoken like an ignorant bigot.?"

Message to logiconlyplease

"like hell she will, say that to my face faggot?"

Message to John Doe

"john doe is a racist idiot and if you're gonna call black people niggers don't pretend to care about their kids.?"

Message to Xander Foxy

"wow dude i knew when i read your comment on heart of a champion that your were a dumbass then i seen your profile layout i guess i was right dumbass. The song is a football not a basketball song read the fucking lyrics ...?"

Message to Brittany B

"This comment was written before the album came out you moron?"

Message to mrblob20

"You're wrong. Girls that die giving birth at 12-13 tend to be malnourished with little to no medical assistance. For hundreds of thousands of years girls have been giving birth after puberty. Also many girls starts at 9, or even before. Hence, at 12, many girls have been post-pubic for 3 or more years. Also, according to scientific America, a girls fertility goes down at the age of 20!

Secondly, regardless of a reason a person decides to stay celibate, it is still their choice. Screw people like you that want to enforce your views on other people's private lives. It doesn't matter what their reasons are to stay celibate, it's their choice.

Lastly, 18 has no biological significance.

But how can someone like you understand that.?"

Message to matcraizy

"You are such an idiot, and an idiot without arguments."

Message to OG Rollins

"Bitch boy, where do you think people get their start? Say that to Ambrose's face, Rollins' face, Neville, most of WWE's biggest stars are from the indy scene. Crawl back under daddy Vinny's teat and suck on it you fucking WWE smark bitch. Also, brain and back damage only happens when you don't know what the fuck you're doing. Back feels fine, head feels fine. Can't say the same for you if I ever see your pimply-faced ass with a fucking WWE shirt holding mommy's hand while you ask for chicken tendies ass boy.?"

Another message for that ignorant cunt King Possum

"Why is King possum such a pussy??"

Message to NewCanadianTurtle

"wow only volume 30
if u are only there, u have no right to make an opinion since u haven't even reached 30% of the story at that time?"

Message to Picking Profits

"idiot, where in my message did I say eBay was unfair. Is it fast reading or just misinterpretation either way you made a wrong statement?"

"you live in the largest multicultural police state and don't even have a nationality, if you thing you are an American think again , Americans are indigenous,you are an import and I bet you didn't ask the Americans if you could live there, you are sitting there all day on your no doubt fat ass insulting just about everyone , why, because they dare to challenge eBay or is it because they dare to stand without supporting you in your stance against eBay, the main difference being if they stand alone they are not subscribers to your pocket and you get no money , so don't insult my country , don't insult me and stop begging , you are a sorry joke?"

Message to o0lBobl0o

"Here we go, same story different fucked ideas of big mythical creatures in the sky that rule our lives. Grow up, engage your brain and think for yourself.?"

Message to 1YHUHministries

"Ah look, poor little boy all upset over logic. Was that you that tried and failed to hack one of my accounts today? What's wrong, don't like all the atheist stuff? Does it hurt your feelings? Did god tell you to hack my account and delete my logic??"

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Messages to herbielina

"I doubt that. People are actually becoming LESS ignorant towards mental health disorders now. People want you to get better."


Message to philip lippens

"I agree you are a troll and a freak"

Message to Saider M

"says the guy with an idolatrous car photo for his profile. repent sinner and beg for mercy for Yahweh certainly sees the wickedness of your false religion and fake belief and will throw you into hellfire?"

Message to TeamJesusPreachers

"thats not what he's saying you hypocrite. He is not getting away from the preaching ...just your microphone.?"

Message to Andrew Byrnes

"hardstyle ownsz Fothermucker?"

Message to Robert E/Robert Eskuri

"and your mother's cunt aswell.?"

Message to PinellasPicker

"wtf did you hear that shit from? Do your ears work properly??"

Message to Bunch Marketing

"nah if anyone is, it's most likely you hiding behind your cyber screen.?"

Message to intrepidgator


Your whole little "let's play army" patriot movement is now a NATIONAL LAUGHING STOCK.

The revolution you've always fantasized about is happening now, and YOU'RE THREATENING PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET LIKE A COWARD. You want to fight the feds? This is your opportunity you human turd! Your boys are waiting for you to go rescue them in Oregon!

Well, four of them are. All the rest CUT AND RAN at the first hint of federal trouble!!

You have no sense of what a crushing victory this is for the federal government, and what a total defeat it is for assclowns like you! Those "incompetent" feds you hate so much outsmarted your boys with a traffic stop!

Everyone knows you and your buddies are just clowns with big mouths now.


Shut up and go back to sticking your dick in your 9mm barrel. Though that might be a little big for you to get much sensation.?"

Message to Chucky

"Are you retarded??"

Messages to Chucky Justice

"faggot, is there some sort of connection between your repressed homosexuality and a reading disability?
3rd time.. faggot, why do you continue to fantasize about incest and homosexuality??"

"That doesn't even make sense. Your brain is broken idiot.?"

"Um evidence? " do not "worship Islam" I worship God. You fucking retard.?"

"Hahahahah you sound like a child molester. You stupid faggot fuck off?"

"Its not a religion Its the only way to live life. But you're too much of a dumb faggot to realize it.?"

"Please back up that statement you stupid cunt.?"


"It is sexual assault. It's not sex. Sex equals consent you caps lock moron."

Message to takerdust

"fucking fag just had to troll someone eh? do you like Brazilian buttholes??"

Messages to Venom NBK

"Says the dude with a Venom profile pic??"

"You're a retard?"

Message to gigantic cunt avf82

"What difference would it make if instead of youtube being his job he had a "real" job. Your point falls flat."

Messages to future beheaded, stuffed and mounted on wall christian dipshit fotm1

"Ever wonder why atheists don't have spiritual warfare? Because we do not believe in fairy tales and superstitions. I love how Christians blame demons for their inequities."

"this dude is a bitch hes a religious fanatical douchbag who this hes got the balls to poke me in the eye... hahahahaha iam the rainman son of the morning and we will soon see who the coward is!?"

5:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to jay miller


Message to mikeanaro

"Hahahahaha, you're so fucking stupid it's a joke. Your logic is, "I understand what subjectivity is but fuck your opinions, my opinions are fact, deal with it." Do you not even understand what subjectivity is? An opinion? Do you live in a world where everything you think is the truth? You're the kind of shit person that fills the Westboro Baptist Church up. Learn what an opinion is and hopefully when you die you won't die as an ignorant asshole. I like his style. You Don't. Neither of us are right and neither of us are wrong. Leave it at that and fuck off.?"

Message to Koot

"Yeah thats why the shadows are even much better looking on the right side.. lol you and idiot fanboys are really retarded and blind.?"

Message to sad sack of shit Silver Akstilettos

"well you're ridiculous, just because someone you like didn't make something that you have heard, automatically means that they are garbage and will continuously produce garbage??"

Message to Eden Gaming

"There's a huge difference between "trolling" someone and aggressively stalking someone and threatening their personal life, you twat.?"

Message to tosgem


Message to Darth Sith

"go die in a hole you racist bitch?"

Message to P33G33B33D33

"faggot cracker kid"

Message about brain dead cunt Gina Titnaw

"don't worry, Gina titnaw probably benefits from corporate welfare somehow."
Messages to brad Hamilton

"So how's school going little buddy? Grade 10 was real hard for me too don't worry.?"

"Sorry for your small penis.?"

Message to future beatdown victim Rayan Zahrani

"You call me autistic? ROFL Because you don't care about a feature it didn't exist? Fuck you, I'm so done with this here.?"

magentawave says to isis cocksucker Chris Kavanagh

"No, the sanctions weren't working "just fine" as sanctions NEVER "work just fine." Sanctions punish the people but do nothing to punish the rulers who have the money and resources to get their hands on anything they want regardless of the severity of the sanctions. Sanctions help unite a people who was formally against their government, as most Iranians were, with their government. If you want recent proof of the real damage sanctions cause - the sanctions in Iraq killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people but did nothing to hurt Saddam Hussein.

Why give Iran any deal, you ask? That we agree on because the way to deal with Iran is the same way the US should deal with any country - TRADE FREELY WITH THEM and then LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE! And by the way, free trade amongst other countries and leaving other countries alone IS what the framers had in mind when they envisioned having a US Federal Government.

I guess you didn't get the memo, but based on the trillions that the US government has dumped into their perpetual war of terror (which is money they do NOT have!) via direct conflict and/or proxy, and the hundreds of thousands dead and injured, the "biggest sponsor of terrorism" in the world at this time is obviously the US government. For christ sakes, why don't you know this?!?"

1:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shock Brock says to future beatdown victim Rayan Zahrani:

"The dislike button used to make comments invisible if you reached -10. -5 would mean you would have to spoil them. Old YouTube would make top comments based on likes, not recency. YouTube is doing a bit much, but hey.?"

A Gamer Aaron says to future beatdown victim Rayan Zahrani:

"It decreases the total amount of ratings a user has, fuckwit. I'd rather downvote shitheads and move on instead of leave a comment to let them know their discriminatory/ridiculous comment is not without it's detractors even if it was voted up by other idiots. Same with you, I'd rather others just downvote the shit out of you rather than me have to explain the obvious to you.?"

Message to Miguel Arevalo

"I defeated you mothers pussy bitch"

Message to Survival Surtout

"You get soo butt hurt about the undertaker do you suck on his nuts all day or what kid? Everytime someone disagrees you attack them because your a piece of shit and you should kill yourself?"

Message about two stupid sluts known as the

"Seems to me that two nobodies have discovered the way to their 15 minutes of fame, and using all they have to do it. Not much going for them otherwise.?"

Message to Marcos Gonzalez

"maybe they should create a bigot church aswell.that is where you belong. welcome to the 21st century buddy"

Message to MaverickYT

"suck ma balls?"

Message to Spacelord

"You are a fucking faggot, Catlin Jenner lookalike mother fucker ! Walking around dick tucked it, poor ass mother fuck, all this just to confuse the viewers.Right babe??"

Message to greedy pile of semen Right Side Broadcasting Network

"Quick FYI I stopped watching your videos about a week ago (and will continue to do so). I know that you need to make money on advertising, but the number of ads is simply excessive. The only reason that I am taking the time to tell you is that you might not realize that once, people leave, and find an alternate, more reasonable source, they will not come back (Marketing 101). Think long-term, and the money that you will lose in the future vs the money that you are gaining now.


Messages to Hexus Dominus?

"Who said anything about Hillary? I fucking hate Hillary. You're supporting Donald Trump, and I'm telling you why you're retarded for supporting Donald Trump.

You didn't even defend your candidate. You immediately strawmanned me. Fucking idiot.?"

"the whole world hate Americans,guess what they believe you are a threat to world peace, You gotta grow some balls"

Message to homeless waste of semen Inappropriate Mushroom

"WTF does that even mean? Sounds like selective praise to me. By that logic, you would be a fan of Hillary Clinton. Did she not "take every thing that Republicans threw at her" and is still on top??"

Message to NoamTube/Donald Trump

"Yeah, right. The bombs fired from drones are only killing known terrorists? If you believe that it is you that needs to crawl back under the rock you came out from.?"

Message to jcabra19

"Your posts are rambling nonsense. Find someone else to bother.?"

Messages to Laura S (laursaurus)

"You deserve all the charge you get at you. Everyone can change their original comment, funny you haven't yet. Freaking shill government tool.?"

"Men make up 75% of victims of violent crime. "The hell you say! LOL"? Are you fucking delusional? Do you even know what the fuck you are talking about?

Bitches like you are why I will not lift a finger to help a woman in need at this point. You deserve nothing from me and other men.
Not until women en masse start helping men in need too.

fucking worthless?"

1:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to wes "bdoo" hoover

"ok now ur making no sense at all, but what would i expect from some dumbass on the internet?"

Messages to Tommy England

"??you must be one of those unemployed lazy alcoholic EDL inbreds ,,,the most funniest looking in breds ever and zero intelligence. your parents were brother and sister before yeah??lol?"

"Since when did you own England? You are not related to the queen, you're not a pureblood. The only indigenous is the Queen and her family but she is German. You need to learn the difference between ethnicities/nationalities. My mother is from Bangladesh she is British, she is allowed to be here. I am English by birth but also British, you? You do not even know your own history when you probably have Irish in you somewhere due to King Henry VIII threatening so many people and kicking them out to there. If you want to preach learn your history before spewing bullshit and your photo makes me cringe.?"

"yeah your right islamic countrys way better.better society and no racist punks like you there why dont u come to saudi Arabia or dubai and see how the law deals with racists like you dickhead?"

"Racists idiots like you burn in hell when you die. I feel sorry for you, because you are an uneducated FOOL?"

"u must be from the edl those scumbags need to be shot 100 times and so do you racist punk?"

Message to Ororo Munroe/The Eye Opener For The Blind

"Fuck your gay ass dogs, faggot.?"

Message to Ansel Ford

"Thanks for conceding the argument, loser. If you would ever like to submit an actual argument, you know where to find me.?"

Message to brain dead fuck P Fletch

"And you don't travel on the road with other cars in the full expectation that they will never brake somewhere, simply because "they're not supposed to". People brake on freeways, dude. Cars have brakes and drive on freeways, what's your point? This was about brake checking.?"

Message to O10100101100010

"Scottish people didn't Kentucky fry their chicken keyword Kentucky dipshit.?"

Message to Fight Network

""This video is not available in your country" messages is how you treat your subscribers? Unsubscribed. It was fun while it lasted and I really liked watching your videos so it's really too bad but if you do not have the common sense and decency to make your videos available to your subscribers then you guys really need to pull your head's out of your asses and figure some shit out.?"

Message to The Young Turks

"Fire Jimmy Dore. Spitting is childish. Cenk, Ana And jimmy have no class. Enjoy your low ratings. You deserve it.?"

Messages to Bieber Ninja?

"Ur stupid, cheap, and gross I'm gonna pee in ur closet?"

"u fucking suck?"

"bring it pussy?"

Message to Robbie finlay

"Well, you never objected. Normally, unless I'm lending it to some brainless Irish cunt.?"

Message to Y0UNG

"you're retarded?"

Username Evie confesses of what she truly is!

"oh i get it sorry im stupid?"

Message to Username

"you're an edgy piece of shit?"

Message to dru713281

"You mean the guy who lost to Maidana? You must be on crack. It's time to get off the crazy train buddy."

Message to skinsman82000

"It's not gabby fans you loser. It's pro Euro gymnastics "fans".?"

Message to King Bradberry

"you're a dick ass baby brat?"

Message to Don Indigo

"you are fucking stupid. you don't know shit about wrestling. go fuck off before you make your family as a whole look stupid because of your remarks.?"

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to blind dumbass ujccbcgbxc

"I'm obsessed with Harley Quinn. I read all the comics. I was there from the very beginning.

Harley does choose her destiny, all the time. She has a choice. She just usually chooses whatever will make Joker happy - but she doesn't always.

I never liked the New 52 origins of Harley, anyway. Made her seem much weaker than she is. The original origin story didn't even involve a vat of acid. It had Dr. Harleen Quinzel deciding - on her own - Batman had gone too far and busting Joker out of Arkham as Harley Quinn. New 52 tried to neuter her.

Read a comic. How about you read more comics??"

Messages to #YGN Teveechi

"you are a idiot?"

"suck your dad's dick mate?"

Message to Jake Wade

"So you would like to see someone beat up onision and post it. Are you to chicken shit to do it yourself. Just cuz you dont like him dont go all computer bitch and and talk smack behind your monitor."

Messages to hector zamora

"i know. Post a fucking page. Or are you one of assholes who won't let go of DBZ and make a SSJ9?"

"Watch your tongue boy, I'll break your neck"

Message to Malvin Jackson

"Are you fucking retarded?"

Message to religious cocksucker HOUSE OF YAHWEH

"The photo was taken by the crew of Apollo 8.

You say it's fake. PROVE IT. Just saying it or "believing" it doesn't make it true. I expect better from someone who "believes in God".

The rest of your post is ignorant nonsense."

Message to North Sacra Kingz


Messages to Don L (Clavinthecat)

"no fuck you fuck off you are stupid shit"

"do you understand evidence do you understand anything you dumb shit"

"find me one shred of evidence you stupid shit"

"talking to you is dumb you post any evidence your a dumb sack of shit go fuck yourself"

"i am loved i have a wife you stupid moron"

"you dont know anything about me you fucking moron fuck off"

"what's so confusing about my questions? let me help you be a less racist asshole unless you like being a racist asshole"

"guess your too wussy to answer go to your klan meeting asshole"

"I think you are really dumb you dont answer any of my questions"

"you are stupid you said nothing you created nothing you are nothing"

Messages to transexual piece of shit who wishes Josh Duhamel would drop dead so he can bang a Wild Orchid who would brutally beat him to a pulp instead justDaaf BEP

"You've obviously never owned a flock of chickens in your whole life. If you seriously think roosters don't kill other roosters outside of cockfighting rings then you're dumber than your profile picture looks. Please do your research before you open your metaphorical mouth."

"Oh yeah, forgot you can do that huh?"

"Back on topic however, no you aren't the chicken-all-knower and you might act like you know what you're talking about but it's obvious you're talking out of your ass."

"Right, you have no idea how stupid you sound right now."

"Don't lie, faggot."

More faggots who need to be beaten up by Wild Orchid girls!

5:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to misinformed cunt Jimmie The Rustle

"I wasn't dishonest to make a flawed point, bulling can involve verbal abuse such as that which would come out of the mouth of someone who doesn't know when to shut their dumb mouth. Simply denying that something is bullying because in your mind it doesn't match up with free doesn't look at the complete situation. This is a case of people who can say demeaning and hurtful things without fear of retaliation because they are internet anonymous. This exploitation of a stronger situation to pick on an individual in a weaker or more vulnerable situation describes bullying. Perhaps you have been misinformed by simply reading dictionary sites and not trying to apply the knowledge to a wider range of situations."

Message to irrelevant cunt Street Lighter

"dude, you're driving yourself into a dead end. You're contradicting yourself in your own sentences. You just said he can't use it in 1 2 or 3. Does it say 4? No it dosnt. Until there is ACTUAL evidence he can't, tell me, because at this point you seem like you're just talking because you don't wanna admits your loss. You're probably gonna skip over this comment and write some more stuff that is irelevant to the subject"

Messages to NostalgiNorden

"People don't like you very much, right? never mind i know i'm right..... i wonder whats going to happen to your body and mind in a few decades.?"

"fucking idiot?"

Message to Miguelius TheGr8/miguel rodriguez

"your just an idiot?"

Message to desperate for anal Pratik Roy

" old are u uncle?? so upset huh?? well, i don't care whatever u say....cuz u guys are still gonna be desperate fandoms of bart bitch!!!!!! bye!!?"

Message to Azai Kyousuke

"Can't tell if bait or just a fucking idiot. Actually, even if this is bait, you still are an idiot.?"

Message to talentless piece of shit João Lucas (Kiryu)

"hey dude why don't you go to listen to bieber,,,,,i am on here saying i fuking love are on here being a goof....if you don't like the band don't be on their sight you piece of shit.......annihilator rule......sorry you want to blow hetfield?"

Message to WantOxide

"hey wantoxide get lost you idiot?"

Message to Sirion

"But you're not. You're a faggot who's butthurt.?"

Message to Sean Mundy

"out of the gene pool sean or at least take up your role in eternity as a glory hole operator in a madrassa?"

Messages to bluefairyuk

"So who created hell? Also, you did not create the atomic bomb. Most humans did not create the atomic bomb just like most humans did not create my Casio calculator.?"

"Please provide evidence god is "loving".

P.S. No one ever "chooses" to be tortured with fire. That is a filthy Xtian lie straight from a black, cruel, evil book.?"

"Why does it matter which God? God is who he is. Man corrupts his image by killing in his name. Religous leaders used God's word to justify killing, creating stupid rules such as you see in Catholicism like not eating meat on Fridays, or praying hail Mary's to a rosary or all that other nonsense, that's all created by man. God gave us free will, which is why we live in a world of suffering. Only man could take God's love and use and twist it into pure evil in the form of the crusades and witch trials."

"Did you watch the video? Did you read the name of the video? We should talk about evolution.?"

"And god wants your pathetic excuse of a body to be inserted into a wood chipper for being a total insult to him!"

5:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Messages to trolling cunt who flunks at spelling Paul Hensley

"You're incorrect, I'd urge you to learn what copyright is. This would include how to spell it.?"

"Nintendo has the copyright to the characters, not to the video criticizing said characters. Learn the law or quit trolling. Here, I even went so far as to direct you in the right direction."

Message to worthless thumb down hating dumpster fire piece of shit MrSilksoul

"MrSilksoul, you're wrong. Das EFX didn't use this sample on Mic Checka. EPMD's Can't Hear Nothing But The Music is a nice jam. I like their Business Never Personal album and I like the album pictures.?"

Messages to Eric Alan

"if you wanted everybody to know you like having sex with your mom and sister you could have just said that instead of putting #Trump2016 buddy.?"

"I like how you think your some smart guy who goes on a political rant in a sports comment section and that you honestly think that Donald Trump is gonna do the shit he says he's gonna do I usually don't say fucked up shit like this but seriously kill yourself.?"

Message to The_Happy Gamer

"learn to spell, idiot. its "god damn" and why should'nt i tell you to shut up. its a free country.?"

Message to Scoundrel _

"you dumb fucking cunt go suck your dads dick you stupid fuck Ima fuck your mom in front of and make your dad cum inside your anal make you eat you stupid bitch. Don't fucking talk shit about my family and i won't do the same stupid fucking bitch i was jk I'm subbed to him god damn suck his dick already you bitch.?"

Message to

"u think a picture of u means something? fuck u faggot"

Message to

"if u were first ur comment would be near the top too stuuupid"

Message to

"He still got people watching these videos. Wouldn't be here if we didn't watch the original one he was talking about. Numb nuts."

Message to future rape victim

"I was hear before you child"

Message to

"Hey dumbass read my comment again. I'm being anti-racist but you are obviously too dense to see that"

Message to

"Ori Nirpaz is one of those 14 year olds that plays cod and minecraft and calls himself a gamer hahaha"

Messages to

"Stupid Americunt.."

"Dear God, please fucking noose yourself."

"By the way God isn't real neither is Jesus they are both fucking fake as fuck. Have fun wasting your life in church you nonce!"

Messages to

"why the fuck are you on cwc all it is is wrestling boy go Jack your lil weener to tna promos"

"So you are retarded. I highly encourage you to seek a good therapist to work out your autism, as it is a potentially debilitating condition."

PS - Fuck you Blogspot!

5:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to Joseph Greene/ImperiumDeus

"... Yea, if you completely discount all the other people that write for it and contribute ideas to keep it going every fucking idiot."

Message to

"his wins don't count cuz he's a roided up crapbag with no talent so no he never won the wwe title you dumb idiot fool."

Message to

"you're a fucking idiot ,did you not see what you posted?"

Message to

"You uneducated moron. ICP were wrestling in the latr 80s long before they were rapping. Violent J was on the same card as RVD was for both of there first matches ever. They were actually gonna be wrestlers long before they even thought about rapping. The reason they quit wrestling cuz the promoters and dicks and they didn't like the backstage atmosphere. As aparent with these two gems of a human being."

Message to

"You're a dumbass."

Message to

"recently a brown sausage came out of my asshole - and i looked and smelt like you"

Message to

"Correction it's the governments fault you IMBRED idiot."

Messages to

"Michael Warren, get a life then grow a brain, you are a blithering idiot to say the least."

"MW totally sux"


Messages to

"lol go fuck yourself faggot you're talking shit numb nuts"

"Chris Arctor​ is the biggest tool ass eater on youtube lol nothing but a mark pissed off and ranting btw I doubt my mother would mess with you but your old ass dead mother I heard she likes big black dick I hopped in her casket the other day and ate her pussy damn she tastes so good"

Messages to

"Your desperation is....rough. Sorry man. Hanging on by a thread. I'm sure I made an account with a Swedish name just to insult both of us, including telling myself to shut up. I guess that would make me a hell of a lot smarter than you, idiotically sucking each of your accounts dick with the other one. What about the dozen other people that have called you out? They all just me, too? I have no idea who you think you're fooling. Well, it's pretty clear you realize it's no one. Like you said, you just desperately want the last word, just another showing of how desperate, petty, and simple you are. It's not like you've won a single other thing in this argument. What kind of grown man thinks like that, fights just for the last word and admits it? So fucking pitiful. Well pussy boy, you can have it. I have more than proven my point, and you've been put in your place by a dozen others as well. Sit in your chair and giggle with excitement as you type away, bitch. By the way, get a fucking job and contribute to society."

"That's what you think is insulting and funny? Did you never leave elementary school? Watching you dig this hole on both of your accounts has been astounding to take part in."

"takes a bow this guy, ladies and gentlemen. This guy represents modern trolling on the internet, and the sad state of it's ineptitude. I hope you have enjoyed my verbal and mental demolition of this run of the mill, Trump loving basement dweller. As we have learned, they are incapable of proper thought or any improvement, no matter the circumstance. And here ends my thesis on why mercy killings are often appropriate, especially when the subject is as far gone as this one."

5:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to

"So you call me racist even though i said nothing racist and then make racist comments about are retarded lol."

Messages to

"No you're pathetic. Quit you pathetic loser."

"was your name supposed to be TheAttentionSeeker?"

"You must think Sex Ed teachers are perverts too. Faggot. Go fuck your mom."

"You're fucking stupid technically we are all perverted anyone over the age of 11"

Message to clueless retard

"uhh, that was the 80s, gee"

Messages to

"Put a tampon in ur hole"

"put a dick in your butt"

Message to

"no idiot repromote the ic title back to being a major title again let the us be the minor title for raw and the European for smackdown the European title was held by a lot of legends and boosted many careers like Jericho, Angle, HHH, Christian, Jeff Hardy, Mark Henry, and others it can be use to get the young guys foot in the door to make a name for themselves it also catapulted Eddie's career and got HBK career back on track I think he won it once in the attitude era for a lil while"

Message to

"hes not you idiot its part of the hook"

Message to

"I see you're still a special type of stupid. BLM was formed for police brutality not typical crime. Only a moron would make a correlation between the two....."

Messages to

"All you are the retard. and that doesn't mean that he has to copy everything about him. you fag."

"All he is copying absolutely everything. he is obviously tryng to achieve the success of jd but he is being a copying bitch in the process. You suck bitch. kys fag. #goon"

"i win. he agreed with me. so you are the retard. no wonder no1 cares about you. kys #goon"

Message to NovusIgnis


Message to

"just stf up i already ignored you once and you continue. if i want to watch a video and tell my opinion i will . its not your business just be an isheep and mind your own bissuness boring person.ISHEEPS that pay 900 dollars for a boring phone and do everything to justify their buy.BORING phone"

Message to

"go away faggot"

11:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to

"I'm not talking about specs idiot, iPhone 4 was OVERALL the best."

Message to MusicMC1/JBCo2012

"you need to get a life you prick. going around and posting your unwanted stupid ass opinionated comments that aren't worth shit. you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself peasant. go back to your mums basement and wank off some more before you unload your useless shit stained existence upon peoples videos. your dumb ass comments aren't welcome here."

Message to

"why you done sucking there dicks and are pissed cos they diddn"t return the favor?? You Should of let them go first//dumbass.."

Message to cowardly piece of shit who deserves to get her head blown off by Roman Reigns

"I would love to see you step in the ring and do better."

Message to

"Martez Govan wtf u talking about "on the freestyle" that was a written song off of his mixtape you clown that wasn't off the top or a freestyle"

Messages to

"Owned by who?. You?. Lol you're delusional."

"learn to read. And you still say Absolutely nothing.
So Bret didn't cut fancy Promos... Thats all you keep saying and then talking about me...
Yeah you got nothing"

"Really? That's all you can come up with? Lame, childish comments about age? Grow a pair and try again. By the way smartass, I'm 26 and I've been a fan of Bay for 10 years now. That's right, 10 looong years."

Messages to

"you raised your self so your mom and dad failed you."

""we beat y'all last year"? dick smoker 🚬 talkin' like you play for the teams. "You" didn't do shit but cheer like "cheerleaders"...Remember you watch didn't do shit to affect the outcome"

"you've probably never even left your neighborhood. threatening to hunt people down lol thats why you people can't overcome adversity too proud and of nothing. which is hilarious."

"im not white pussy and white got to do with it anyway u goofball ass nigga"

Messages to

"How? He came out on top, idiot."

"fuck off asshole."

"lol now you look like a retard"

"are u dumb ?"

"You're one of the most retarded people on YouTube."

Message to saykuku2

"Suck a dick faggot."

Message to

"Aw please fuck out of here. If you don't need the platform the game is no longer a exclusive whether it's a port or streaming it's not exclusive stop trying to comfort these fanboys"

Messages to

"Just please get the fuck off"

"You're retarted. Bye"

11:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to

"I understand as to why you like the reboot but honestly they did a terrible job with Dante's new character design and Vergil's too. I agree the game was fun but overtime it got boring and uninteresting. Same utter bullshit every other time you play the game. Chapters were the exact same. No unlockable weapons like Ifrit, Beowulf, or the Alastor just bullshit add-on's to the rebellion. I'm pretty sure that NT(Ninja Theory) didn't understand the meaning of Nephilim which is half human half angel. Cambion is half human half demon. They failed miserably on their story plot. All the weapons were unbelievably easy to make combos with. Dante must die was easy as hell. Heaven or Hell was extremely easy in the game considering the fact that you got three gold orbs in the beginning of the game. The amulets were just stones collected and painted red and blue. Dante is the oldest brother in the game not the youngest which fucks the whole devil may cry series up. Vergil is cold as hell in the game, who breaks their mothers heart for their own satisfaction ? The shotgun is useless in the game. Ebony and Ivory look like vibrators or toy guns. The rebellion looks like a stick. Real DMC fans would have reasons to bitch about this game you just make yourself look stupid. You're not a real Devil May Cry fan you're a stubborn kid who defends a company that ruined a game. The only thing that they did good in this game was the Osiris and the razor blades everything else was shit including the story line. Who the fuck opens a door to a person that's trying to save your life naked then you point a gun at her minutes later cause you think she's trying to set you up. What kind of a demon world is called limbo. A ball guy who owns everything in the game is god. Has sex with a slut. Vergil kills a pregnant woman. You know how fucked up that is. Not one Devil May Cry game not one have you ever seen Dante curse or Vergil make a sex joke. Dante was never badass in DmC he was lame."

Messages to

"No shit he's biased, it's HIS FUCKING OPINION YOU FUCKING STUPID PIECE OF SHIT. For fuck's sake can you be any more dumb."

"Skyrim won goty too dumbass."

Message to Rox Hart

"You are a stupid Dixie Carter sucking piece of shit! That piece of shit is the reason why they don't have monthly PPV's anymore and got kicked off of Spike! Billy Corgan needs to tell those retarded fucks at the Fight Network that he needs to be in charge of TNA instead of that that fucking cunt!

And all you Dixie Carter sucking pieces of shit deserves to have your arms and legs chopped off especially that tranny cunt "GuyOnInternetWhoDoesntLieForViews"!

When the Fight Network starts to become a money pit, then Dixie will be in trouble again!"

-LoveWaffle A.V.

Messages to

"He's not an ass, you stupid idiot fan boys. He's talking real. I mean every year we are stuck with 2K's BS not releasing footage till the last minute. Worst marketing strategy unless 2k knows their game is crap, and don't want to release any footage."

"Also when you tell someone to grow up simply because someone doesn't like another person than it is probably you who needs to grow up!"

Quavion Deering admits what he really is!

"I apologize for being shitty"

11:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to clueless tard

"So basically any sequel, what's your point?"

Message to

"go fuck yourself"

Message to

"haha good riddance i say! Go back to swear at your PS buddies, we wouldn't want u anyway on X1"

Message to

"yeah yeah yeah whatever, idc hoe you stupid gay ass dick sucking ass mother fucker cause you ain't got the facts to prove it since the nba finals every single starter on the thunder roster except for steven adams got injured in the playoffs you dumb nigga my problem is how your gay ass gonna say that okc have no shot your like one of those band wagoners like i be jumping on carolina panthers and arizona cardinals now you jumping on golden state and san antonio because of record. If which team is better then which was based on record okc beat san antonio so we would be ahead of them so you say what you want but your opinion on okc is dumb as fuck. Then yo bitch ass gonna try and defend your opinion nigga the lakers might win every single game coming up for them and make the playoffs you never know. Steph curry could die you never know. Even if they were all there all i know we have a shot because we beat san antonio and they haven't beat us yet so take the dumb opinion to the trash and throw it away go and eat crow i don't have time for this your mom is sucking my dick. just the way i like i bet your dad is making you eat his dick right now!"

Messages to

"I'm not racist, I'm vindictive. I even spelled it out to be obvious to the fugly black bitch and thus to you as well. Let me spell this out slowly for you. Ugly black troll dog is using the term "fag" that her people like so much. No point flagging it as Google /YouTube has no problem with hatred (nor do you apparently). But you know what? They don't have a problem with the word nigger either, so turnabout is fair play. They say faggot, I say nigger. Equal rights and everyone is happy. Unfortunately there is no hate term for white christian heterosexual though so most of the time it goes unchallenged. The word faggot is used in every second comment on this trash site while nigger only shows up once every 10 days, so don''t cry for them."

"Gtfo cunt"

"um Fuck off bitch. What are you doing with yourself besides being a negative bitch"

Message to stupid religious cunts Barbara Lofton and especially

"Well that's quite obvious isn't it. A bible thumping ignorant misinformed relgious zealot who cant keep her great love for a man made god to herself deserves all criticism intended towards her. Keep your proselytizing to yourself you overbearing annoying detriment to mankind. No one in this new generation of empirical knowledge wants to get down with that obvious bullshit. If you love a man made, "god," then keep it to your damn self or show the evidence besides your petty faith."

Message to

"Says the maudlin little girl who replies to my post IMMEDIATELY without a shred of evidence countering the nonsense she spouts.

Stick to baking, sewing and helping out mother, dear, Kittens and rainbows...


12:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


"its niggers like you that get end shot in the streets your fucking ignorant nigger its niggas like you that shouldn't even have a youtube account"

Message to punk ass cunt

"same reason you won't punk"

Message to

"shut the fuck up and crawl back into your mom's anus you piece of shit you are obviously not in the know of what will come of this!"

Messages to poor incorrect faggot that can't spell haters

"ok, faggot, let me explain this to you:

1- roblox has enough money
2- roblox still want more money
3- its not about hating, its about using logic
4- you are a faggot. That statement was made using logic."

"You must be poor. Playing with cod fish..."

"Ahahaha okay. Say what you think but you're wrong"

"I'm coming to steal your shit and take your guns!"

Message to AmericanPoliceState

"You are one sick bastard! Fucking go and break a leg or some this u jerk."

Messages to racist faggot

"Can u not bring race into this"

"(judges the skill of a wrestler on their WWE push) bwahahaha okay"

Message to

"listen you asshole. Don't you ever ever suggest that TNA sign up pussy lesnar. I've had enough of that noob bitch getting pushed to the top ahead of everyone. The reason WWE is in the crapper is because they keep giving championships to those that don't earn them. TNA never did that with their championshps and I want them to keep it that way. so you better STFU and keep it that way or else."

Messages to future New Jack victim

"There IS a reason cyclist die every year. It's because of people like you."

"Youre a stupid bitch. getting upset over a shirt. you got mind fucked you faggot."

"I know what your problem is. You're one of those self conscious fags who thinks anyone who watches MMA automatically assumes they are a fighter. You're a fucking loser. I'm gonna troll you hard. You're stuck in my game and can't help but respond. Even if you wanted to stop, you couldn't."

"It is if I say so son. You fucking moe moe. How bad did you get your ass kicked in highschool? Pussy."

"You social degenerate loser. I'm untouchable on this site, faggot. This shit is amusing to me and you're actually mad. Type type type you fuckhead. You can't help it can you? respond. on command. now."

"by the way, I typed nerve. Where did you get never? You dyslexic fuck."

"I'll buy a tapout shirt and mail it to your ass. What's you address? You can send me a PM if you want. As long as you hang yourself with it that is."

"You keep responding to me, idiot. Go back and read the history. You got you're stupid ass trolled. I love how you talk about tapout guys thinking they are bad ass and you're trying to cowboy up and invite me to fight you in Toronto. Stupid fuck."

"I got many tactics. 25 years to late... let me guess you're an adult right? Wasting your time on the internet fighting with a little kid. You're so easily provoked. You're a pathetic, old, fat nerd I bet. How often do you see a vagina? Honestly. I bet you're a loser. And even if I'm wrong your STILL a loser. Tell me you're address, I have a buddy in Toronto who wares tapout and he'll fuck you up bad."


"You're an anus."

Message to

"I think your the one on crack , what the hell are you even talking about?"

12:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Messages to

"eat shit you fkn loser troll."

"Id throw up my resume right quick, but youre simply not worth the time."

"Or can't handle people disagreeing with you? Loser."

"Admit it, you clean toilets...."

"you suck cock for a living.."

"you allready wasted for more time than I did. Crush me? are you a fat bastard>? I made a joke at your expense. suck it up and deal with it just like when your at work HAHAHAHA"

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"I guess you're going to die too. How sad for you."

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"most of the world doesn't share your opinion"

"Yeah you're an idiot"

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"Are you fucking sleeping or something? you may have a chance with this youtube shit if your retarded ass was more clear. enunciate your fuck sentences, fuck!.."

"This guy is a total idiot... you can tell just by his voice"

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"I have my own culture, I don't need a plastic, store bought, corporate culture of death, thanks. Fucking "pop culture," LOL! No wonder you're a fag."

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"Luke u gay it's billso"

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"oh btw fuck u dude"

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"He said "Rasen shuriken!" but not "Fuuton" go fuck yourself and read my comment again."

Messages to Asperger fraud who wishes he had a good upkeep but can't record good quality for shit

"shit quality"


"Explain to me why most people with AS have a habit of not having a good upkeep.

AS people should downplay who they are to look good. I'm doing it, why can't most of you accept that even if we're accepted, we'll still be low class. Some of you think it's better than nothing, but I differ."

12:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to

"that's not what he meant by his comment you racist asshole."

Messages to

"Wtf are you talking about you honestly have zero clue do you?"

"sound is subjective lol you are absolutely clueless."

"Acting like you knew what you were talking about fucking idiot."

"your fucked in the head we talking about a 4 cylinder boxer and you bring chevy OHV you need a brain and i don't give a fuck if you don't believe it yea i should take my time but im only cheating my self so i prefer to be honest why lie? also 1 more thing dont compare a 4 cylinder boxer to OHV chevy."

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"a lesson for ya don't fucking troll on my channel next time right cockhead"

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"yeah you're a jealous ass hater, mad because Fess has it and you don't. First it was and argument, now it's a debate, make up your mind fuckboy, and by the way, joke's on you about the watermelons and fried chicken because I'm not even black, LOL, and another thing, watermelon is ONE word not two , DUMMY!!!!"

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Message to A of Yahoo

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Message to WakeUpAmerica of Yahoo

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Message to Wooster of Yahoo

"They can't .... you idiot. ONLY American Citizens are allowed to vote in this country. Stop being brainwashed and do your research."

12:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More shitheads who can't stand it when people thumbs down something and needs to be beaten to a pulp just like the shitheads who run Blogspot!


12:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...







5:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to fucking piece of shit Clmsadjman

"You have no argument. Thanks for admitting that. You are just another uneducated, chauvinistic moron who wants to go back to the 50s when women were nothing but dish-washers and baby factories. Must really get your goat to see that options like yours are dying out. Have fun with the rest of your miserable existence you lowlife."

Messages to turfute

"Well this time I don't need to hink, I'm sure that you have more shit coming from your mouth than a colostomy bag"

"Damn it, now you have to change that bag again, more shit coming from your mouth"

Message to feralbigdog

"LOL, wow. This is pretty hilarious. Not only are you a troll, but you're obviously lacking in the intelligence department as well You sound like a 5yo trying to be a grown up. Do you suffer from some sort of mental disorder? Do you have dementia or mentally retarded in some way? Perhaps you had an accident that resulted in brain damage? Does your momma know you're playing on the computer without supervision? How bout you grow up and learn some respect for your fellow? human being!?"

Message to gamejediben

"No kidding ....

FF Versus was only a trailler 9 year ago , 0 game data .

FF XV is FF VS XIII reboot on the ps4/360 , they did everything again and changed alot of things (like the gameplaay for instance ) , so FF XV is 4 years old at worst.

Open your eyes , do you really think FF XV could have been like this 5/6 years ago ? Lol no.
Go play your better RPGs no one is stupid as you."

Message to Johbu/Johbu Saizo/JohbuSaizo

"No she didn't idiot. It was a live show, the viewer recorded it.?"

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Messages to Californian hating piece of shit Ivan Brumski at

"that floated pass was due to a reciever stopping durring the route, if he keeps running the pass is as good as can get. and what video did you watch. he set his feet pretty well on all of his passes, hes not andrew luck, and he doesnt need to be."

"Clearly someone who didn't watch the scrimmage compared to last years. Looks completely different. I'm sure they put a highlight of the back shoulder touchdown up go watch that. 9-11 2 touchdowns completely contradicts what you just commented"

Message to King Gooch The Troll King/theinfamousmrsleep

"Judging by all these truthful comments about you. You are most certainly a retarded fuckbrain wwe baby mark. You can't troll for shit even if your life depended on it. You are nothing more but a inbred lowlife sheep who would be better off in deep sleep. Your parents should of aborted your stupid ass, but its not their fault. I mean after all your parents did in breed you. So they had it coming. I hope you can change your pathetic ways, and stop trolling youtube videos but it won't end, the virus is spreading to all ignoramuses like you. So please continue with the cliche umadbro? mad crap. But just to let you know, honestly if I had the power, you should be put to sleep. So have a nice day, go fuck yourself.?"

Messages to

"obviously not your money you welfare leech get a job!?"

"Meanwhile women are still paid less for the same job in the UK and housewives are still quite popular. Whoops, you failed.?"

"Are you just pretending to not understand that Islam and Christianity are the exact same religion, or are you actually retarded??"

Messages to The Sedaiv/RealGateGuardian

"That's because you are an ignorant child with no grasp of reality, nor logic.?"

"Fuck off you ignorant prick I have read every issue of the comics and watched every episode of the show up to date and I think the show is much better so go fuck yourself?"

"science has NOT proven it you arrogant prick, you're the faggot here. now shut the fuck up and get a life! you're not always right, only stuck up, ignorant morons think that! trust me you're far from perfect, you're wrong about the show! your opinion is an opinion and that's all it will ever be! your opinion isn't fact so get used to it!?"

"Jesus Christ what a fucking kiddo it's opinion the opinions are not a fact it's considered good show (i don't watch it or read comics) but Ik it's good rly good results and if u say ur opinion is fact again u deserve to die?"

Messages to ArizonaSunflower/kansas66701

"Don't be silly and act like a fool, laughing at others is really laughing at oneself and shows great ignorance.?"

"Take an anger management course, you have issues with too many people."

"So the heat that comes off of a flame will not melt snow but other heat will? My brain lost cells from reading this.?"

"It's a great video. So glad the immature grammar police showed up on the ole trusty interwebz.?"

"He is trying to breed that ram, you ignorant ass!!! We dont have to many animals,go seek mental help!!!?"

Message to retarded fuck

"What are you talking about??? Not one of those actors said anything negative about capitalism. Why don't you tell me which of those social services discussed in this video you feel is bad for society. Capitalism and Social responsibility can walk hand in hand together. It's called a FUCKING HYBRID !!!!"

10:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to dickless piece of shit called "Jack12" from shithole site Newsmax

"You better wake-up Jack!
You are apathetic."

Message to

"your such a noob lol"

Message to

"Grow up? I don't hear a DmC2 coming out lol.

Your points are null.

Thanks for being butthurt and triggered.

Make sure to come back and reply to extend my entertainment. ^_^?"

Messages to

"Yeah, that comment was incredibly VAPID, with no reasoning. That was so RANDOM. People tend to say things like that when they know they have nothing to say, and are backed into a corner.

Explain to me if you have the ASSUMPTION Dr. Strange is ripping off Inception, explain to me why you can't just go online, (hell click on freaking WIKIPEDIA for simple information) and see if your assumption is right? What is STOPPING you from doing that??? Yet, knowing you have this ability, and RESOURCES at your hand, you decided to stick to your assumption Dr. Strange is ripping off Inception.

This, my friend, makes YOU the idiot.?"

"you read it on the internet, well that's gospel to me, case close. We are on the internet just like everyone else unless you can show me something from the producers or CW. . . you are just another rabbling no nothing trying to bully his point across with no facts. Don't raise your voice, better your argument."

Message to harrasing fuck

"Your verbal skills must be lacking if you believe that was a joke. When you learn to express yourself, people may be able to convey meaning from your words, for now, they are worthless gibberish.?"

Messages to Roy Sunshine aka

"hey faggot i said like learn how to read?"

"y the fuck do u care it was awhile ago so u just think ur badass cuz u care about a damn game well alright fuck you bitch"

11:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to ungrateful cunt

"So you're trying to say Jinder is natty lmao, you fucking clueless moron. Also the only way your old ass dad could keep his physique his age if he was on trt which most likely he is."

Messages to cancer ridden shit (buster beam)

"Did the bad men touch your no-no place??"

Message to

"You kalars never shut up or stop deluding yourselves do you??"

Message to brainless fuck

"No rest in pepperoni in peace idiot?"

Message to

"Kill yourself, kid.?"

Messages to

"Because you're a dumbass."

"I am not your good friend. You are a fuck boy."

"My god, I'm not even a Sage fan but I can tell you're the most obnoxious kind of fanboy. Reviewer should take that into account you say? Who are you to say what should and shouldn't be taken into account? This review is judging the OVA on its merits, and that's perfectly fine.

The world could do with a few less idiots like yourself.?"

8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to

"No, in fact I am not a 'young school girl', I'm also not smug and it's extremely ironic that you would assume that I'm the smug one who vocally disagrees with the Royal Family in Britain. Yes, I'm British and therefore I think I have more of a say than you ever will about the Royal Family in my own country. First of all, no - she will absolutely not die from drinking ITALIAN BOTTLED WATER. Italian bottled water is in very high demand all around the world because of their volcanic springs. It's just as safe as any Scottish water she would find in my country if not even more beneficial to her health because of the vitamins and minerals in Italian bottled water. I have absolutely no concern for her eating habits. It really doesn't matter if she has been eating something her whole life, it isn't going to damage her in the slightest to eat food that anyone else can eat, they're still human and being accustomed to a certain kind of food doesn't automatically cement you to that lifestyle for the rest of your life - what a ridiculous assumption to make. People adapt. That's a fact. I don't agree with the Royal Family. I have never sympathised or empathised with any of them other than Princess Diana and most Scottish people would like independence from them now after the last referendum as promises were made and broken. If we get independence this time, she won't have her Scottish Estate to come back to and we're fine with that considering we're the ones footing the bill. This would be all well and good if the Queen actually done something for this country, but she simply doesn't. She has done a lot for England. For Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland she's nothing more than a decorative figure head and we don't support them as much as the English do. I really don't know which hole you crawled out of but this is the Internet where you may experience interactions with people who don't totally agree with you. Next time may I suggest wearing a helmet before you venture out into the World Wide Web? You know, so you don't get your little, royalist, fragile feelings in a tangle? I don't agree with having a Royal Family at this point. We have a Prime Minister, Scotland has a First Minister and that's all we need. I don't think we should be proud of the extravagance shown in these documentaries when our country is suffering from such severe problems - our national health service is underfunded, we have a massive homeless population, we have unemployment and poverty which is in stark contrast to the kind of life this family lives simply for being born to the right people? It's ridiculous to me. Before you start pointing fingers and claiming I'm some young, naive idiot who doesn't know anything perhaps you should take a look at yourself. An old woman who went mental at a stranger on the Internet for saying it's ridiculous she ships northern water across Europe because she won't drink Italian bottled water. You're immature, you're unable to accept that other people have opinions too and you'll name call just because you don't think what they said was of much value. Sounds like you're the child. Grow up. Get a hobby. Find something else to do with your time because this really isn't your strong point.?"

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to stupid piece of shit Daddy Dennis

"What it boils down to is 'what you said in your post'. An opinion worth no more nor no less... despite you trying to 'pad your resume'."

"Seattle loves the police. You don't know what you are talking about."

"When I make mistakes, they are honest "MISTAKES" that result from ignorance, inadvertence or lack of knowledge. There is no ill intent. Hence, they are "forgivable" mistakes, not acts of evil or greed.

What Schultz did was NOT a mistake; it was an act of pure evil, greed and vendictiveness that he now regrets - and only for selfish reasons.

He may feel a tinge of regret at hurting the kids, but I imagine that most of his regret stems from the bad PR he received nationally (which he probably didn't expect), as well as his lack of financial foresight.

Does anyone believe that, if he had forseen the values of NBA teams skyrocketing the way they recently have, he wouldn't have ponied up more skin for an arena and kept the team? Would he have thrown hundreds of millions of dollars down the freaking toilet?!

He has got to be kicking himself every time he thinks about the extra $500-700M he could have made by ponying up $150-200M for the new arena - meeting the city, county or state halfway - and then holding onto the team for just another six years or so.

If the Sacramento Kings were worth $650M to Steve Ballmer, the Sonics would have been worth $850M to Ballmer and other suitors...maybe even more. Seattle is the 13th largest market in the nation! So, from a purely financial standpoint, Schultz has to be kicking himself every day.

The coward cares nothing about the fans, his customers or even his employees (who make less-than-nothing), and he proved it.

For those offenses we commit without reasonable expectations of the negative outcomes, we surely deserve forgiveness.

Coward Schultz took a deeply ensconced cultural institution and sold it away like it was some random mom and pop coffee shop that nobody would miss. He did so out of greed and anger, and he was fully aware of the impact it would have on this city.


Furthermore, he committed an act of treason by allowing David Stern to use him as a pawn in his extortion business model. Cities like Sacramento and Milwaukee are now paying for that!

Do you understand that Schultz is partly responsible for the economic disaster that will surely take place in Sacramento?! They should force him out of their city, too!

The vaguely-worded "Good-Faith Best Efforts" clause was inserted to create the appearance that Schultz was doing his due diligence.

Schultz was warned by several members of his own group that the buyers had bad intentions; yet he proceeded anyways because he was greedy and angry at being told "No", as had happened when he begged the city, county and state for corporate welfare.

He wasn't used to being told "No"; so like a spoiled little child he set in motion a turn of events that he knew would show his power and punish the fans!

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "fans" weren't his problem, it was goons like Greg Nichols, Christine Gregoire and Frank Chopp, people who cared nothing about sports or Seattle fans.

For the first 30 days he probably thought to himself, "I showed THEM [the voters who passed I-91]." But after that, he probably came to the realization that the small gratification he felt for that short time would be forever replaced by the guilt of ripping out the hearts of people who had done absolutely nothing to deserve it.

The voters who passed I-91 were NOT sports fans, and if the fans could have had our way we probably would have built his stupid arena for ill-advised as it would have been.

If he actually WAS a kid, I might be able to gorgive him, but he was a grown man stewarding a multi-billion-dollar corporation that he had built almost from the ground up.

What he did to this city was purely evil, and he further exacerbated it by faking like he actually wanted to rectify things. He really had a chance to win his lawsuit against Satan Bennett, and he owed it to the people of Seattle to see it through until the END! But, like the coward he was...

Few if any Seattle fans will ever forgive him for what he did, and he doesn't deserve forgiveness!

I really wish he would close every Starbucks in this state and move somewhere else. We will be just fine without him and his BS coffee - which (btw) is far from the best product in the market these days.

The temporary loss of jobs would be a minor hurdle, and well worth never having to see or read about that scumbag or his coffee shops in this city ever again.

I want him to leave Seattle forever! And being bitter helps a lot! David Stern, Coward Schultz will have you believe otherwise, but they exert pressure wherever they can. David Stern and Coward Schultz used Seattle as an example of what could happen when cities don't bend over at the NBA's whim. We as fans have that same power: treat us wrongly and incur our wrath forever! Our bitterness is our only weapon right now, and being nice certainly hasn't helped us.

Greg Nichols let Satan Bennett out of his lease...did David Stern do anything to help Seattle improve its prospects of a new arena and team over the last six years? No!

But he's fine, because he has "a playoff game to get to in Oklahoma City..."

He sure bent over backwards to help Sacramento, though, didn't he?

Sacramento kissed Stern's a$$, because Coward Schultz allowed Seattle to become a cautionary tale...and perennial bait for other cities that ball at the NBA's extortion tactics."

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to Beyond Wrestling

"THIS IS STUPID!!! Go Train at the ROH School and learn from Davey Richards and Delirious. That's wrestling at its purest form.?"

Message to poison66 of profootballtalk

"libtard? Really – what are you mentally – about 5 years old? Grow the f@#% up"

Message cardinealsfan20 of profootballtalk

"Cardinalsfan, you missed my point by a country mile — which is not a surprise considering many of your comments. The poster I responded to insinuated — with no evidence whatsoever — that a large majority of the people that wanted Joe Mixon banned were hypocritical Christians. Up until he brought Christianity into the conversation there had been dozens of posts, not ONE of which had said anything about Christianity. I myself said NOTHING about whether I am or am not a Christian. My whole point was the he didn’t know whether anyone here is a Christian, let alone a “substantial majority” of them, and so to call people out with no evidence is hot air. What your ridiculous comment has to do with that I have no idea, but I would suggest you work hard on your nearly non-existent reading comprehension skills."

Message to

"so does your slut"

Messages to

"Fucking twit."

"2nd rate continent?? First of all NEVER put Central America alongside South America as a unit you ignoramus fecal trash as they're totally different historically, ethnically, demographically, economically, socially, etc.
You think major countries with world famous accomplishments like Argentina and Brazil can be equated to Dominican Republic or even communist Cuba???

Probably in your redneck trailer it makes sense to put them all in the same bag but Argentina alone is a basketball, football, tennis, rugby, field hockey, volleyball powerhouse with the greatest football player in the world, Lionel Messi and global leaders like Pope Francis and even European Royalty like Queen Maxima of the Netherlands.

Meanwhile your poor boys in the dominican republic playing baseball can only dream of becoming american....?"

Messages to cancer ridden shit (buster beam)

"Did the bad men touch your no-no place??"

"My god, I'm not even a Sage fan but I can tell you're the most obnoxious kind of fanboy. Reviewer should take that into account you say? Who are you to say what should and shouldn't be taken into account? This review is judging the OVA on its merits, and that's perfectly fine.

The world could do with a few less idiots like yourself.?"

9:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to

"my God dude die"

Message to

"At least he's trying to do something. I wanna see you do something about climate change."

Message to flaming faggot

"are you stupid?"

Message to shitstain waste of sperm

"What relevance does your comment have with this video? Come on!?"

Messages to future fingerless piece of shit

"you don't know what i mean because u an idiot... I know if Israel have a nuclear weapon and chemical weapons that prohibited by United nation.."

"lol you will start crying now"

Another future fingerless piece of shit!

4:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to

"Do you will ever believe USA may want a ultimate peace???? LOL...You dumbdonw Uncle Sam fucker not want to admit that it was your master Sammy who used the first nuclear bomb on human race and don't you ever forget it!!!!!!!"

Message to

"you wanna talk about people having no brain do you hear the shit youre saying youre a fucking disgrace to your bloodline?"

Message to Trover Corcoran

"fuck you trover?"

Message to vincentrich

"This is in response to the Merlin Santana video. I think that it was very ignorant of you to generalize me and other black woman as a whole of being vengeful. If a guy rejects me, I just keep it moving like I always have and for the record Monique was a good rat and mentally unstable. I normal black woman would not have done what she did. There are women like her of all races and for you to slander and group all black woman into the same category speaks volumes of the of ignorant and bigoted person that you are . I hope someone sues you for defaming black women and spreading lies. All you do is perpetuate hate and intolerance.?"

Message to EXXXTACY69

"Congratulations! A douchebag is you : P?"

Message to Hezekiah Ramirez

"you sir a gay fag"

4:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Messages to racist bigot whiteboy

"OMFG, you don't know how to read?? Did I said GOTG vol 2 was 2017????? I said that takes place months after the first one! Oh yeah first one what? GOTG 1! Dude you have seriously problem with interpretation"

"Fuck you"

Message to Bond_Villain of Gamespot

"Keep that joke in your pants, scrub. It's old and not factual."

Messages to piece of shit who deserves to be place a tank full of pirahna from Gamefaqs called Vararesande

"Yeah, I didn't think you'd know what humiliate means. To be humiliated is to be robbed of one's dignity in the eyes of oneself or others. I don't expect you to have the kind of self-awareness needed to realize that you're constantly making a fool out of yourself, but there are other people on this board."

"As guy in High school I may not be able to completely understand how an adult's mind works, but this has to be some of the most immature bullshit I have ever read. You have successfully made yourself look like an ass. Kudos."

Message to

"Drugs are bad for you"

Message to

"You must be depressed, Slit your own wrist please?"

Messages to

"You should be terminated!?"

"FUCK YOU!!!?"

Message to supervilla06

"shut your pussy ass up , you a fuck boy."

Message to

"the bullshit is you?"

11:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Messages to

"Ethan Uson is so stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid"

"Because nobody cares about you. You should have been set up for abortion when you got your slut mother pregnant"

"Dolan does not want to be associated with little faggots like you"

Messages to left wing piece of shit Proud Defender of Academic Integrity

"any chance you want to get back on track and engage with points being made
instead of posing as a semantics troll? I know you’re not one, but your posts suggest you’re trying to"

"the problem is even before it became boring to you, you never felt the need to defend your point of view, or counter the other, because what you assert is self-evident"

"When did I ever reference anything about the right wing media. I said Vox is by nature, left slanted.
Here’s a cheat sheet in case words are too confusing for you to understand. It has pictures and pretty colors for you too."

Message to DCRebel

"I like the fact that you're a dumb rebeltard who knows nothing."

Message to

"why tf u bring up Beyoncé you idiotic ass"

Message to

"oh you poor little man,i can see your suffering from a delusion of grandeur. You have no life...I pitty you.?"

1:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to

"Italy and Materazzi world champions you, q.i. 10, and Zidane, champion of balls. /
Heinz Doofenshmirtz
Materazzi insulted Zidane's family and you seriously expect him to just stand there and take it like that? Wow, you're so dumb you make Gumball Watterson seem like Albert Einstein in comparison."

Messages to


"This kid is fucked heartless shit #thisyoutuberisababy?"

"No need to be jealous, he is 10 years old and he has more subs than you. How embarrassing! No wonder this video has more dislikes than likes.?"

"fuck you lolinator you bastard?"

Message to fucked up piece of shit

"Ur english is fucked up, I was NOT joking, this is a joke but a parody of nigger's life."

Message to stpaulimdog

"uneducated trailer trash.?"

Messages to

"your a sad little man who thinks hes an animal thats retarded your a retard?"

"you dont seem to handle hate well! why not ease your pain and suffering and plunge a knife into your throat?"

"still waiting to get banned you dog rapist?"

Message to

"EAT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!?"

Message to asswipe

"then don't play the fucking game?"

Message to Global Warming Skeptic/cbrhawk1

"Oh look, what a fucking moron. Go back to Alabama, you fucking child.?"

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message to future snuff victim

"I think you should start with primary school again to learn the difference between speed of light and speed of sound somewhere on your journey.?"

Message to cum choker

"sounds like someone is a little butt hurt because he doesnt have the money to buy a stupid note 3...?"

Messages to Buddy Murphy's favorite cocksucker

"You misunderstood my point genius.?"

"Murphy is still on nxt dude stop complaining a lot of 205 guys are used in nxt so calm your tits.?"

Message to L/troyreed74


Messages to future violated victim

"STFU u fuckin dumbass?"

"don't you fucking dare make fun of down syndrome and your a stupid little 5 year old?"

"Yh everyone's stupid according to you. Your the stupid you don't get gay 1 year olds you pleb?"

"don't use that word you racist bastard?"

Messages to future stabbing victim

"When one complains about something, one would think that one should take action to remove said object that caused complaint: your original comment."

"It's fake. What more do you want? The question was irrelivent because the actual content was fake."

"You mentioned earlier about immaturity of calling names. Well sir, mirroring their actions makes you just as bad."

"did you repeat that, because you first said it on legoboy awesomeness's channel earlier, so did you?"

"Someone clearly can't read."

"LMAO someone is triggered b/c I said he can't read😂😂😂😂the internet is full of 10 year olds. Please read the first comment home skillet and we won't have this argument."

7:53 AM  

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